Holidays in India: Deciphering the Layer Cake
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Holidays in India: Deciphering the Layer Cake

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Thinking of holidays in India might conjure plethora of images in your mind. Planning holidays in India is a daunting task. In India there are infinite times as much travel agencies as are the various India tours options. Best vacations in India should and must begin with effective planning and at the end of the day you do have to find a reliable travel expert to plan your excursions in India. If you come all arms up then rest assured that you will leave this incredible rich country both in terms of heritage and diverse tour options with fond memories.

Introducing India

An enigma with its confounding diversity, India is one of the most multi dimensional counties in the world. With its tropical beaches, snow capped mountains, mystical deserts, astonishing temples and forts, vibrant culture and an unparalleled fusion of the modern and traditional; apparently planning holidays in India may appear a bamboozling and daunting mission to undertake. But as you land in this subcontinent and get up close and personal with it diversity, its charm unfolds like a layer cake.

Where to go?

With its diverse geographical diversity, India offers plenty of options to choose from on your tours to India. There is snow capped Himalayan Mountain Range in The Northern most frontier of the country and the Southern tip is snuggled along the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. In between, the Western Ghats and Malabar Coast in the South add up to the remarkable diversity and variety of flora and fauna. East again is the land of diverse culture and undulating mountains and Thar Desert lies sprinkled in the West. All these factors have conjured up some of the most favored and renowned global destinations which offer fascinating holidays in India.

Popular Destinations in India

Goa: The Crown of Arabian Sea

One of the most popular destinations in India happens to be Goa, the tiny emerald snuggled between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. With its unique colonial ambience redolent with Portuguese flavor, Goa has been accorded as a place akin to Lisbon itself. Goa is famous for its slice of sun and sea, architectural wonders, vibrant nightlife, mouth tingling cuisines and one of its kind liberal hospitality. Goa is divided into several tourist regions: the extreme south, south, center, north and extreme North Goa. Goa offers a unique travel experience to visitors which are seldom witnessed in other parts of India. Goa is a special world, a fabulous cocktail of sun, sea and different cultures. With its wealth of heritage architectural landmarks, ethereal colonial charm of south Goa and exotic beaches to keep travelers excited, some go as far to say that holidays in India is incomplete without tour to Goa.

Rajasthan: The Land of Maharajas

Infused with nostalgia, Rajasthan, a major destination for vacations in India, interlaces numerous tales of valor, chivalry and romance of Rajput princes of a bygone era. Sprinkled with majestic palaces and resplendent forts, Rajasthan is known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, remarkable geographical diversity with a dash of desert, hill station and forest areas. The presence of Aravali hill range and Thar Desert has blessed this state with astonishing diversity but has also made it a harsh country.

There is so much to do in Rajasthan that one seldom gets enough. Be it the cultural hubbub of the local sightseeing tours in various cities, to the camel safari through undulating sand dunes. Or be it the visits to numerous forts and palaces to call of the wild in various national parks across the state. Rajasthan has this and much more. This secular state is also famous for shrine in Ajmer Sharif and Pushkar fair which see millions throng to these places of piety and reverence. .

Rajasthan is also known for revered Palace on Wheels India’s first luxury train. It offers a luxurious passage across select destinations in Rajasthan to bring out the true essence and character of this colorful state. The train has been designed to recreate the splendor and elegance of the personal coaches of erstwhile maharajas used for their state visits.

Kerala: God’s Own Country .

Conferred Best Travel Destination in Asia by coveted World Travel Awards and featured as one of the 50 Places to Visit Before you die by National Geographic, Kerala does much more than you expect to live up to the honor bestowed on it. The most iconic image of Kerala is undoubtedly the Ketuvallams promenaded backwaters fringed with palm and coconut groves. The intricate network of backwaters is the most attractive feature of Kerala tourism. .

Kerala is also renowned all over the world for its responsible tourism endeavor. Green tourism activity at few select destinations which involves all the stakeholders including locals has received accolades from around the world. Kerala is also unique in many other aspects when it comes to tours in India. You can get a glimpse of distinct colonial influence in the liberal hospitality of locals. Besides, Kathakali Dance and cultural art and dance forms of Kerala are simply fascinating to witness. .

Kerala also has its fair share of beaches – the renowned Kovalam – and hill stations where you can linger in the spice and tea trails across picturesque landscape. Temples and monuments along with a dash of wildlife add to the adventure of enchanting and enlightening Kerala tours.

Besides these three most sought after destinations for tours and vacations in India, there are numerous other things which you can explore during your holidays in India.For adventure lovers there is an array of trekking trail, mountaineering, white water rafting, skiing and Para-gliding activities sprinkled across North India. Then there is deep sea diving to get you excited at Lakshadweep Islands in the Southern periphery of Indian border amidst Indian Ocean. In between one may also choose to avail of cultural tours with many heritage building of cultural, religious and spiritual significance scattered across the country for enlightening holidays in India. .

With this many option, tours to India definitely promises to be a rewarding experience. Holidays in India will leave you sensually enchanted and spiritually enriched with the diversity and sheer scope in terms of destinations, activities and mélange of creeds and colors. A slice of hills, sea and heritage seamlessly blending with the contemporaneity and exuberance of modern India’s rise as global economic power ensure that your holidays in India remain etched forever in your memories as fond and elevating travel experience.

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