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Home Decoration Ideas for Thrill Seekers

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The mantra to keep home decoration fresh and relevant is letting that wicked thing inside you kick for a while. Jot down all the ideas that come streaming out of your mind. Once you have a reliable list of about 10 fresh ideas, sit down with a hot cup of chocolate and censor ideas based on their propriety and achievability. Some ideas might scare the living holiness out of your neighbors, but that is what we intend to achieve. Boring ideas need a jolt to revive and a few days in such odd circumstances is bound to bring better ideas to the fore.

For the chicken hearted!

 Chicken hearted? No, not entirely. Most of us are quite sane to even try unorthodox ideas to wipe out the dreary, crappy, crummy, stinking old home decoration ideas that our grandparents propounded. Nevertheless, with a little innovation these old home decoration techniques will prove worthy of their mettle.
An insanely easy idea is to make insanely wicked pots for your home garden. Pots do not have to be of the traditional tubular design; there are creative pot makers who like to think out of the box. Open your phone directory or search the Internet for potters who specialize in shaping customized pots. Don’t you have any terrace to place a few daffodils or daylilies? 
Do not worry; get rid of a few sofas and sitting arrangements and place big flower pots with fresh perennials in it. Buy designer luxury cots for home decoration and place them on embroidered cotton carpets for better insulation and warmth. Try accessorizing the walls with Indian handmade wall art hangings to complete the natural look and feel of your organic home.  
Change the look of your garage or staircase if you can manage to eke out some space without sacrificing functionality of the garage or safety on the staircase. The average width of stairs in most Indian or American homes is perfect for placing designer area rugs, but utmost care must be taken to affix the rugs firmly to the ground to prevent slips or trips on the staircase.
Planning home decoration will require some time and research. Take a couple days leave at your office and research the internet for fresh ideas and online sellers of traditional Indian homemade home decoration items such as area rugs, carpets and furniture linens.
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