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Home Preschool Partnership Activities

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Home-Preschool Partnership in the literal sense means an equally shared responsibility of both - the home (i.e. parents/family members, neighbours and society) and the preschool (i.e. the head, the teachers and the support staff) for the child’s optimal development. When these two crucial aspects (home and preschool) mutually join hands with each other, it helps in building a safe and an enjoyable environment, which in turn would result in an immense growth and development of the child.
Children spend more than half the day at home with their parents and family. Just as a preschool is comforting like a home; the home too needs to take up the extended role of facilitating the child’s development.
There are various means and modes of developing and maintaining this partnership beaming with joy. Play school activities whereby the parents can actively involve themselves can be planned by the centre/preschool franchises and/or the parents. Either of the two may suggest opportunities to interact and take whole-hearted initiatives towards its implementations. Parents can be active contributors in terms of mind, money and kind in this golden bond.

‘Parent Partnership Meets’ are a regular feature that creates a platform for interaction between the preschool and the parents. Valuable suggestions and important feedbacks during these meets help in enhancing the delivery of the services.
Some parents may choose to volunteer as resource people complementing the class curriculum and facilitate the children’s learning in the nursery school, junior school as well as the senior school.
The role of a parent as a resource person is wide and caters to various curricular and co-curricular activities. For example, a nutritionist parent may walk in to the class for an informal yet interactive conversation with the children on healthy eating; parents can devote time by assisting teachers for co-ordination during field trips, organizing for picnics, rehearsing for annual day celebration and so forth.

Organizing for sponsors, sponsoring events, investing/presenting material resources, etc like interesting story books for children or unique teaching aids to facilitate better learning of concepts can be a valuable input from parents of the Playgroup, Nursery, Junior KG and Senior KG of the preschool.

Parents may also pour in their ideas, opinions and suggestions towards the enhancement of policies and procedures of play school franchising administration and functioning.

One would certainly wonder about the benefits of a home-school partnership for each involved in the process. Undoubtedly research studies have indicated a number of benefits for children, parents and school as a result of strong home-school partnership.

The advantages of this golden bond are many for children:

Enhanced motivation to attend preschool

Increased attention during class activities
Increased self esteem

Better social relations

Enhanced belief of one’s competence and ability

Parents too enjoy the benefits of home school partnership, they include:

Better parenting practices

Increased interaction (quality and quantity wise) with their children

A better understanding regarding the
functioning and activities of the school

Parents too feel motivated to study further as they see their young children enjoying their studies

The playschool or the centre of education too profits from this relationship:

Preschools will be accountable for enjoyable early learning experiences

Preschool or centre is encouraged and strives to provide an optimal or superlative quality services

The teachers too are motivated to give in their best as their efforts of child-rearing are being appreciated

This strikes a positive communication and triggers interaction of teachers and centre/school teams with parents on a dynamic basis

Centre/school and parents become interdependent and can rely on each other when there is an urgent need to decide in the best interest of the child

The unceasing list of benefits from this golden bond of home school partnership is too short to be described in words.
’Shanti Juniors’ – a preschool chain in Ahmedabad focuses on partnership with the families of their ’Little Juniors’ (students) by organizing enjoyable and genial activities such as ’Family Day’ and ’Father’s Day’ wherein the parents can actively be engaged in the process of their child’s education.

We, at ’Shanti Juniors’ – a preschool franchises; encourage the parents to be actively involved in the pre-schooling of the child by participating in events, sharing ideas in person, via mails, newsletters etc. Hereon, we await the active participation of the ’Shanti Juniors’ parents. Let’s keep the golden bond gleaming….

Shanti Juniors - About the Author:

Shanti Juniors’ aims to create a holistic and fun filled learning experience for every child through I3 Learning Ladder, its unique philosophy and Home preschool franchisee, Play school activities, Playgroup, Junior KG and Senior KG of the preschool.


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