Honeymoon in Ooty Dream come true Experience
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Honeymoon in Ooty Dream come true Experience

Published by: Sapna Jain (26)
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Ooty is a place of huge mountains beautiful valleys and silent atmosphere. There is no other place in India which can offer you the best honeymoon experience. This place gives you a chance to come closer to your beloved and share some precious time with her. It is very well seen that honeymooners in India generally locate to this place to spend there precious time. Ooty is located in the nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu.It is also famous city for tea plantation. Very huge amount of tourist visit this city every year. There can be no other place other than Ooty that can make you’re the most exuberant one. One more reason why ooty can be said as the best place for honeymooners is that it has an amazing weather. It is said that there are Blue Mountains which is amazing scenery to watch.

Ooty the best place for the honeymooners has some of the special features. It is located in mountain range of nilgiris and has beautiful sceneries of nature. There are places above on the top of the mountains where you can only reach via horses. Therefore it gives you an opportunity to come as close as possible to your beloved and feel her from inside. Other features like it have the famous Botanical garden which is spread over 22 acres and was completed in the year 1847. Apart from this Ooty is also famous for its railway station which was made at the time of British Raj and is included among the world Heritage sites. Boat houses are also available in Ooty.Honeymooners who do not wish or are not interested in site seeing and just want to relax can use the boat houses which give you the best privacy and loyalty.

Since there are a lot of honeymooners coming to Ooty every year. This city will offer the best of hotels for them which will completely take care of their privacy and understand the needs and desires of just married couples. Hotels are the first thing for the honeymoon couple and I that should be the best one for them. Hotels in Ooty are known for warm hospitality and utmost care. Some of the famous hotels that you can find here are Nilgiri woodland hotel, Fernhill Palace and Taj Savoy Hotel. Of course there many other hotels too but you can find them in your Ooty Package. Trust me these hotels will increase your pleasure of honeymoon here.

As mentioned above Ooty is not just restricted to Botanical gardens it has much more places to offer you which will add to your honeymoon adventure. You can visit the famous Deer Park, Kodanandu view point, St. Stephens’s church and a lot more. It is not just restricted to places the city is also open for adventure lovers. You can enjoy adventure sports like Trekking, Angling, hang-gliding. If you want you and your beloved can have a new experience of enjoying honeymoon with these adventure sports.Ooty also has some of the natural products which you can take for your family and friends.

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