Hotels in Berkshire For a Pleasant Stay in The Royal County of Berkshire
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Hotels in Berkshire For a Pleasant Stay in The Royal County of Berkshire

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The historic home county of Berkshire is known for its famous landmark, the Windsor Castle, thus its monicker as the Royal County of Berkshire. It takes about 30 minutes to travel from London to some of the best hotels in Berkshire. The county has been the stage for many battles throughout the British history, including the Battle of Englefield, the Battle of Reading and the Battle of Ashdown. Not only is Berkshire known for its royal residence, it has also been famous for its cheese production and dairy farming for centuries.

Places to Go to in Berkshire:

There are many places in Berkshire that you will surely find interesting and worth visiting. As stated above, one of its famous landmarks is the Windsor Castle, the British royal residence notable for its medieval architecture. The castle was the center for royal entertainment during the reign of Queen Victoria. Today, it is one of the popular tourist attractions, a venue for state visits and the favorite weekend home of the Queen. A tourist attraction such as the Windsor Castle is accessible to some of the best hotels in Berkshire.

Dating back to the mid-13th century, the Windsor Great Park is a deer park that used to be a private hunting ground of the British royal family. The 5,000-acre park is now open to the public and is one of the popular areas that residents of London suburbs go to for recreation.

Located in Newbury, the West Berkshire Museum showcases various artworks and collections. The museum, established in 1904, is housed in two of the most historic buildings in Newbury. It used to be a workhouse, hospital, school and corn storage before it was converted to a museum.

Berkshire is also home to the greenhouse tropical rainforest, The Living Rainforest, an indoor ecological and educational centre operated by the Trust for Sustainable Living. It features animals and plants from the threatened rainforests.

The Stanlake Park Wine Estate is the largest vineyard that is open to the public. This 25-acre vineyard contains about 30,000 vines and produces different varieties of wine. At the center of the estate is the 17th-century country house, the Stanlake Park.

Where to Stay in Berkshire:

The Internet will provide you lots of information about hotels in berkshire that suit your needs and requirements. For example, if you are a sportsman, you may prefer to stay in the Queens Arms located in the center of the Lambourn Valley which is famous for its fly fishing, game shooting and horse training. It has eight luxurious rooms with some featuring large power showers and a wet room with top roll bath.

The Georgian-style building of the Royal Adelaide is set in a quiet location while the Christopher Hotel with its 33 bedrooms is near the Eton College. If you want to avoid the crowd, you can choose to stay at the 9-bedroom Waterside Inn at Bray which also has a restaurant known for its excellent cuisine.

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