How Blue Dog Tracker Works to Simplify AS9100 Training
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How Blue Dog Tracker Works to Simplify AS9100 Training

Published by: Lucas Arnold (15)
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AS9100 training is mandatory for all those who aspire to serve the aerospace industry; whether as a ground laborer, or technical engineer, manufacturer, demonstrator, application executive, or operations manager. AS9100 encompasses quality management standards established as per guidelines set by the FAA, IAQG, AAQG, and the U.S. Department of Defense. AS9100 essentially covers all related aspects of security for the aerospace industry. Essentially the focus is on quality production, maintenance, enhancement strategies, and corrections related to products and schedule plans of the same. There are some intrinsic benefits of conforming to these AS9100 standards. Compliance can help a company to achieve:

• Market expansion

• External recognition

• Improved operation

• Improved profits

• Improved communication

• Confidence in supply chain

• Fewer audits, etc.

AS9100 training is a must. It helps to maintain knowledgeable faculties in the above mentioned categories. AS9100 training becomes essential so that employees have a full knowledge to improve their work skills. Proper background in emergency preparedness, control, and assessment of products; their usage, their servicing, and maintenance all are extensively dealt with under AS9100 training.

How Blue Dog Tracker can help?

Blue Dog Tracker is an electronic gadget used for easy data collection from production lines or in the field. Every aerospace product receives a manufactured tag, or marking, which specifies all key characteristics and services that the item has undergone. The first article inspection dictates a thorough investigation on the quality of the product. Blue Dog Tracker helps to read the bar code and other marked data, verifying that an article may meet AS9100 compliance.

AS9100 training and management performance can thereby be enhanced with the help of Blue Dog Tracker. This equipment has two superior functions: A portable Win Mobile OS data collection terminal and a high performance bar code imager. A user must login in to this system for operation. Next, the user chooses a transaction type and scans the visible ID markings. Having collected data in the portable device the user can download it later to a computer database. This assures flexibility of work, making Blue Dog Tracker a unique solution to today’s AS9100 compliance standards. Manual work is almost an impossible proposition here. Blue Dog Tracker not only saves time, but also energy and money. Systems will be in place to help you recognize problems, find causes, and eliminate future probabilities. Remember, a process management approach is managing your organization as a system of interlinked processes. The output for one process is the input for another so the supply and production chain must conform to this intense system of quality management.

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Blue Dog Tracker System is a data collection solution for collecting data remotely with a portable bar code terminal. For more information on AS9100, AS9100C and AS9100 training or the innovative Blue Dog Tracker solution, please visit Jet City Laser, Inc. online at

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