How Bumper Stickers are useful in Elections
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How Bumper Stickers are useful in Elections

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Elections are one of the most important aspects of a functioning democracy. They ensure the participation of the citizens in political process and allow them to elect their representatives. Hence, they are a great tool to make the government answerable to the people. Also, it helps solving the problems of the masses as only a person who gets elected from among the people can represent them successfully. Hence, voting in the elections is necessary to make sure that you elect a government which represents your desires and wishes.

Today, elections make use of heavy advertising. As every candidate needs to reach out of thousands of people, depending on the office he is running for, it becomes imperative for him or her to efficiently modern methods of advertising including print or media. However, one of the simplest ways to advertise your election campaign is perhaps through bumper stickers. They are not only cheap but they help in making a significant impact over the population.

First of all, bumper stickers have a lot more visibility than other means of advertisement. We come across hundreds of cars everyday and while driving, it is nearly impossible to miss a bumper sticker, especially if you are standing at a signal. Moreover, bumper stickers are there to stay, while other marketing tools, like magazines and television make an impact for only a short period of time.

Bumper stickers also have a more personal appeal. Thus, whenever you see cars with bumper stickers of a candidate who is running for the elections, you always find it much more attractive. It is also helpful for the candidate in the sense that it gives an idea about how many people are voting for him or her or to put it more simply, they can be a good measure of popularity. Once people start noticing a sizable amount of bumper stickers of a particular person around them, they obviously feel more curious to know about him or her. Furthermore, the mere fact that a candidate is very popular among your community can propel you to vote for him.

Above all, bumper stickers are one of the cheapest tools of promoting your election campaign. As you all know, funds are always precious in an election campaign. Hence, it is natural that you want to go for the cheapest marketing tools but with the most effective range. Bumper stickers fulfill both these criteria’s. In times when our economy is facing immense pressure, such austerity measures would always be lauded by the population.

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