How does the wireless peaceful against transmission technology?
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How does the wireless peaceful against transmission technology?

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Along with wireless technology’s flourishing more and more daily, transmits the technical application more and more to accept wireless by the various trades and occupations. The video image transmission wireless has broken the traditional coaxial cable and the optical fiber image surveillance is restrained the unfavorable situation which connects in the hardware, has a stronger flexibility and the conveniences, arises at the historic moment based on the wireless network’s video frequency supervisory system. The microwave wireless transmission mode microwave technique may divide into the simulation microwave and the digital microwave, at present in domestic obtains the widespread application microwave technique is the digital microwave (i.e. COFDM, multi-carrier Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing technology).

Anhui creates world science and technology Limited company General Manager Nepali Xiu clearly to introduce: “uses the COFDM wireless video frequency transmission technology, the video quality is good, the time delay is small, but the transmitting range is limited, its must pass to several dozens kilometers distances to need more than 10 tiles the emissive powers, moreover its system capacity is small, between many terminals will exist in the enclosed area disturbs mutually, causes the video quality rapid drop to be even unable to use.”

Nepali Xiu Ming Huan indicated that uses the simulation microwave technique and the COFDM technology wireless monitoring camera system is completely open, does not have the security to be possible to say. As a result of microwave transmission not obstacle influence, in did not consider that in the secure situation, in the wireless monitoring camera application has the obvious superiority in the small scope, therefore the microwave monitoring camera equipment obtained many applications, also urges the domestic majority peaceful against wireless monitoring manufacturer to have involves the microwave monitoring equipment’s research and development and the production, like Shenzhen branch Wei Tai, Anhui create world, the German carat and so on.

According to the German carat (Chengdu) numerical code technological progress Limited company sales manager Yao Jiong introduced that the German carat migration monitoring product has the handhold, to shoulder the type, the truck-mounted type separately and so on, they mainly apply in the public security (detection) (cctv security equipment), the army (border defense patrol, military exercise), the armed police (fire emergency) and so on domains. The wide band wireless monitoring transmission mode wide band wireless technology mainly has WiFi in the wireless monitoring market’s application (WirelessFidelity, also said that the 802.11b standard) and WiMAX (Worldwide Inter operability for Micro wave Access, namely global microwave interconnection turning on) two kinds (security officer equipment), it mainly applies in “the wireless city” middle the construction. WiFi has the following superiority:

The signal radius may amount to about 100 meters, in office, even in the entire building may also use; The transmission speed is quick, may achieve 11Mbps, conforms to individual and the social informationization demand; Third, the manufacturer enters this domain the threshold to be quite low, so long as the manufacturer at the airport, the station, the coffee shop, the library and so on personnel crowded place establishments “the hot spot”, and the Internet will turn on the above place through the high-speed line, so long as the user will support wireless LAN the notebook or PDA attains in this region, then high speed turns on the Internet.from:safe home security

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