How Smoking Affects Oral & Gum health
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How Smoking Affects Oral & Gum health

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It’s no mystery that smoking is terrible for your health. But since you smoke and inhale the smoke through your mouth – this creates a myriad of potentially very severe and dangerous problems for your gum health. There are umpteen reasons to quit smoking right now, which can vastly improve your health and enable you to live a healthier, happier life that does not require tobacco products.

It’s hard enough to maintain a healthy smile and good gum health, when you add smoke to the mixture – which his filled with more than 2,000 harmful and cancer-causing chemicals – it’s nearly impossible to maintain good gum health. Learn more about the dangers of smoking and gum health in this article.

What Risks Does Smoking Cause for Gum health? Smoking is known to cause 100s upon 100s of different diseases, including gum disease and gum cancer, tooth loss, tooth decay and numerous other issues that are directly linked to smoking and poor health. When the smoke, and the thousands of chemicals in smoke, attacks your gums, the gums react and cringe, as they are being attacked by harsh industrial agents and chemicals.

This makes the gums far less capable of defending themselves against bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. In essence, by smoking tobacco you are greatly diminishing the ability of the gums to maintain good gum health, and essentially undoing any other daily habits that you are undertaking for good gum health. Top risks include: gum cancer, mouth cancer, gum disease, infected gums and tooth loss.

How to Quit Smoking and Restore Gum health? There are some methods that you can undertake that can greatly aid you in the process of quitting smoking and restoring your gum health. All smokers should have their mouth fully evaluated to ensure their gum health. This way any problems, like gum cancer, can be addressed sooner as opposed to later, and usually can be corrected via modern day medical procedures.

Here are a few steps on how you can quit smoking and start enjoying good gum health. 1. Quit with a buddy or a friend for moral support. 2. When you get cravings suck on an ice cube, do some pushups, drink a cold glass of water or take a walk. 3. Remind yourself of the 100s of diseases, gum disease, gum cancer, lung cancer and other problems that smoking causes 4. Use stop smoking aids, like gum, patches and even electronic cigarettes to kick the habit. 5. Look into the “quit smoking” shot and see if that can be a good solution for you 6. Start taking antioxidants for good gum health like CoQ10 and Flavonoids to restore the gum health, in addition to vitamin C and daily vitamin supplements for good health.

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