How Successful Are Team Building Exercises And Games
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How Successful Are Team Building Exercises And Games

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Team building exercises are simple, easy ways to get your employees involved in honing their skills to work together more productively. Typically, these activities are viewed as fun events but they are loaded with powerful lessons about problem solving, communications, trust, and respect. In addition, the participants are not the only ones who benefit from these lessons.

Team building games give the management an opportunity to see the dynamics at play among their group giving them a better idea of how to lead and communicate with them. These exercises can run the gamut of a simple kid’s game to more complex problem solving challenges. These can be done indoors or out, daytime or night. The props used in these exercises are inexpensive. The one element of these exercises that you have to invest some money in is a qualified facilitator. Experienced facilitators are essential to organizing, monitoring and evaluating the activities. A poorly trained facilitator can easily turn what should be a productive experience into a complete waste of time.

Team building exercises can give a business a vital competitive edge over their competitors by not only improving productivity but also improving morale and leadership skills, developing new procedures and processes or identifying blockages that are holding back the team’s and therefore the business’ performance. They can also help teams to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to identify clearly the team’s goals and objectives, and to help them feel ownership of these goals and objectives.

A truly effective team building experience will have long lasting effects both on the performance of the team and the organisation and will act as a stepping-stone for future development activities. Team exercises inculcate the spirit of teamwork and encourage people to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Through such tasks, nobody feels left out and everyone gets an equal share in achieving the goal. This creates a sense of ownership among the people.

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