How To Choose A Family Resort in the Outer Banks
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How To Choose A Family Resort in the Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks have a lot of bragging rights, such as uncrowded beaches, beautiful towns in which to dine and shop, private islands where no cars are allowed,  the illustrious Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and more. The Outer Banks is a great family vacation spot, but you might be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing just what to do and where to stay.

Asses Your Interests and The Interests of  Your Family

You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. This is the major headache that most families run into when trying to plan a vacation that suits the taste of everyone in your group. Are you looking for a lot of relaxation time on the beach, where the most strenuous activity you’ll be doing is building a sandcastle? Or do you possess in your crew brave souls on a quest, who crave the thrill of new experiences while conquering new skills and surveying new territory?

Perhaps mom and dad could use some pampering and would like access to spas and salon services. Tennis, golf and fitness club availability are each options to consider in building your dream downtime. And, just as important, what are the ages of your children? What activities are available for the different ages? If teenagers are in tow, check to see if the resort you’re thinking about offers a structured teen program.

Beach resorts often have activities to suit all ages and interest levels. Before making a reservation, call ahead and speak to a concierge of a vacation planner and work with them to determine if their resort has amenities to keep your brood happy.

Consider the Size of your Group

Even the number of folks in your family can factor into your research. Looking for booking options like 2-bedroom suites in the beach hotels in consideration can later help keep the good vibes going once you’re on site.

Also consider dining options. Most beach resorts offer casual and formal dining options, but do some research to see what might be close by. Odds are everyone in your family has different tastes. It might be fun to let each family member choose a dining option for lunch or dinner on each day of your vacation.

What are your budget considerations? Booking in advance can net some early-bird discounts. If your family is younger--say, your children are preschoolers--you can also take advantage of off-season discounts instead of being tied to a school schedule and the peak season rates that can sometimes come with it.

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