How to choose mineral weighting agents
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How to choose mineral weighting agents

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Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy teach you how to choose mineral weighting agents, according to the mineral production process, increase the quality of the selected suspension should be prepared to meet the required density and viscosity, good stability, easy recovery and regeneration. Therefore, the quality should be high enough to increase the density of the process is not easy to use clay and oxidation, and requires a wide source of cheap, easy to prepare and so on. Commonly used in industry for increasing the quality of the following: Ferrosilicon: the alloy, mineral content with the ferrosilicon, iron content, such as ferrosilicon density, density can be formulated into a suspension, and the oxidation of small, high hardness, high regeneration, less consumption. When the content is less than, the magnetic increase, increased toughness, hard grinded to the required size, increasing the difficulty of preparation, and is susceptible to oxidation in the water. Content greater than, the magnetic weakened, difficult to use magnetic separation recovery, lower hardness, density is also reduced. Ferrosilicon can be obtained according to sources and methods are divided into different ground ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon spray, electric corundum waste (ie, impurity FeSi).

In which ferro-silicon spray the best shape is spherical, the viscosity of the suspension with a small and easy to recycle. Galena. Commonly used for the galena concentrate, containing more than grade requirements. The density of pure galena, prepared suspension of up to maximum density. Galena has the advantage of simple preparation, can be used directly concentrate. However, due to low hardness, easy to clay, would cause increased viscosity of medium, and the loss of large, high cost, so the user less and less. Magnetite. Commonly used for the magnetite concentrate, containing more than grade requirements, density of about preparation of the suspension maximum density, easily oxidized in the water, easy to use magnetic separation recycling. In addition, increase the quality as well as pyrrhotite, pyrite, arsenopyrite and so on.

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