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How to do network marketing cost accounting

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With the era of network marketing, more and more companies have joined the ranks of network marketing to come. But in fact, Changsha, a basic status quo of network marketing is more than 95% of visitors visit the site, do not take the initiative and business contacts, companies with a website that every day lost a lot of networking opportunities. In addition, even in online shopping customers, the loss rate is also high. How to retain more customers? How can stabilize online sales turnover?

In the home network of experts to explain the success or failure of a few network marketing, “Gate of Life.“ To achieve the ultimate cost accounting Network marketing communication is a major advantage of cost control, and relatively inexpensive, but the effect is not always inferior to the typical practice of Advertising Age, such as print ads, TV commercials, outdoor advertising, building digital advertising. Taobao on new brand management sent monitors Tang Jun, put the cost advantage of Internet marketing to an extreme.

Two years, he founded a brand of LCD monitors cost a lot of effort, the current monthly sales of 30 million, was known as the “Taobao biggest names in retail.“ Such as customers pay PayPal payment, Paypal funds are retention period, and only after the customer receives the goods and approved before payment, Tang Jun, the careful study of the different means of delivery logistics and speed to determine the different regions of the shortest delivery period, For areas farther journey, on the price because funds were held in the increased costs brought into account for close to Guangzhou and the surrounding area, this part of the cost has been removed off to give the customer a lower price .

In shipping, the Tang Jun has some experience. Such as in Shandong A customer recently ordered a 12 monitor, Tang Jun, these displays into multiple packaging made in the past, this is aimed at fast guitar models. Customers received a package, you can confirm and complete the first payment, so that if one package is a problem, it affects only the portion of the settlement, most of the money can be quickly put in place. Maximize the flow of funds through the method of Tang Jun, a lower cost to achieve higher sales. In this regard, Tang Jun, network marketing success is that the cost advantage is their accurate knowledge. In addition to cheap, meticulous service, professional, outside sales service support, he felt the most successful places are selected in line with market positioning, cost-competitive products. If the mainstream size of the product by adding some unique little feature, the cost is not necessarily high, but compared to the products and the same function, but it can achieve a lower price to enhance functionality, ideal for network marketing.

Network of low-cost advantages, but also to businesses determined to implement the “small boat U-turn“ marketing tactics. Minghui Tea industry on the Internet, “a bubble from selling“ marketing on the people themselves. General business Tieguanyin only by box, according to the bags, according to the pot to sell, while the name Department of tea is fantastic and sold by bubble, and is starting from a bulb to sell, the more wow is a bubble only sell two dollars. Number of buyers to buy exchange on how much to send. Meeting such a bubble were $ 2 Tieguanyin weight of 5 grams, but because it is online, eliminating the need for other operating expenses, gross profit sinks were also guaranteed, generally about 10%. More unusual is the name of exchange products in China Tea Gift Box (built around the top eight kinds of Chinese tea) also can be combined, buyers from the top green tea, black tea, yellow tea, black tea, white random choices.

So a lot of buyers to buy dozens of packages, name exchange is a success. “No reason to return“ is not stupid Internet marketing plan because they can not see face to face exchange of information goods, coupled with the relative chaos integrity of network marketing, network marketing, traditional marketing is relatively more of the “network integrity“ This channel threshold. Li Jinsong, opened a shop in Taobao - “Chinese Backstreet“ in 2007, Alibaba in the business section, he received the “top ten network operators,“ the title of its annual turnover reached Alipay 500 million . He believes in Taobao shop without cost any money, just their own unique business ideas. Li Jinsong the business ideas summarized as “Him, Commercial Road reward letter.“

Buyers had purchased more than 100,000 yuan a big one, after the buyer receives the goods as the goods identified on the subjective counterfeit goods for return. Li Jinsong, said nothing, immediately agreed to return. In the return process is completed, Li Jinsong their own years of knowledge of tea to each other in a professional comment and analysis, the other side was convinced, but these buyers later become his stable of repeat customers, a few such cases. Li Jinsong, insisted that: in return too much explanation is given before the pale. I believe the quality of their goods in the premise, he believes the most important thing is to win the trust of customers.

Li Jinsong rabbits than the customer, since the trees made the forest more than the rabbit, are more willing to create a good environment to wait for the rabbit. He relied on the credibility of the appeal. In the ad, Li Jinsong such a commitment: the sale of tea at the same time will be accompanied by a packet of tea tasting samples for customers, if customers find that the sample with a gap in the imagination, without any excuse, you can return the goods, he immediately a full refund. But one thing, the customer can not open the product’s original packaging, Li Jinsong, said “This is the only customer to respect us“, “all depends on the customer feel to choose to buy or leave.“ There was only homes, attentive service and marketing for the customer to consider, Li Jinsong successfully helped to break the network marketing plan of suspicion and estrangement, the low-cost network marketing effectively to promote the real deal.

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