How to Evaluate Hospitality Management Programs
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How to Evaluate Hospitality Management Programs

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Over the past decade a large number of colleges and institutes offering various courses related to hospitality management have cropped up all across India. But having too many institutes does not mean better educational system. Although most of these colleges follow similar course and program requirements, a student must evaluate the overall reliability of the program and prospects of career growth. A good program has the right balance of skill building, theoretical knowledge, industrial internship and specialized operation management that grooms the learners to become industry-ready professionals. One of the primary concerns when choosing a program is if that curriculum provides us with the information and skills necessary to be successful in hospitality management in the present scenario. The value of relevance of an institute’s hospitality degree program can be appraised through various aspects, like the below ones: • Go through the curriculum and yearly program of the institute to ensure that the program offers skills and information that will help you succeed in the career. How often is the course material updated and is it relevant to the current industry trends? Only a valuable and relevant course material can be the vehicle for developing a career in the industry. • Hospitality Industry includes brisk, keen and highly demanding job profiles. The curriculum for the programs should be industry-friendly so that the students are able to smoothly blend in with the reality of the industry. Correct skills not only help an aspirant obtain employment, but also inculcate a deep understanding of the ongoing in the field. • Practical knowledge of various subjects is must for any individual trying to make it big in the industry. Emphasis on the practical knowledge makes the program more useful for the learners.Colleges with dedicated practical labs and classrooms tend to offer a better learning experience. • One of the most effective methods of understanding the true working and educational system of a college is its alumni network. You can utilize the alumni feedback for understanding the dedication and competence of faculty members as well the effectiveness of the education imparted by the institute. • Top colleges with hospitality programs tend to offer hands-on experience and internship opportunities to the students. Working in the real world with real problems helps the student hone their tactical and managerial skills. Internships have the ability to open doors for your dream career ahead. • Last but not the least, always consider the affiliations and accreditations of the institute. The hospitality industry has global opportunities, hence colleges with national and international recognition open up better opportunities for the students. Some of the colleges offering best hospitality management program in India are: 1. Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts, Pune 2. UEI Global, Delhi 3. Indian School of Hospitality, Gurgaon 4. Sinhgad Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Pune 5. Roots College of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, Hyderabad 6. International School of Hospitality and Management, Kolkata 7. Panache Academy, Vadodara 8. Quantum School of Hospitality and Tourism, Dehradun 9. Ice College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Navi Mumbai 10. Amity University, Lucknow Apply to these colleges to get top quality education in hospitality management.
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