How to Generate ABAP Programs in minutes
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How to Generate ABAP Programs in minutes

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ABAP is the acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming, but the original meaning was Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor, which means general report creation processor in German. ABAP programming language was invented by SAP for the development of SAP custom functionalities. This application-specific 4th-generation languages or 4GLs is among many more and it was first developed in the 80s. The report language was used for the SAP R/2 platform, which enabled corporations to erect mainframe business applications for such purposes as materials management and financial accounting.

All ABAP programs, without exception, are found in the SAP databases. Unlike C++ programs and Java programs, these files are not stored in external files. In these databases, the entire ABAP code exists in 2 forms: generated code, which is a binary representation not different from what we have in Java byte code, and the source code, which is viewable with ABAP Workbench tools and which can be edited using the same. Once you develop ABAP programs, they will run at the level of the application server. They will be able to read data from your database, to process it, and then store it.

You develop ABAP programs using the ABAP Workbench. The Workbench has such tools as ABAP Editor for editing and writing reports and module pools, ABAP Dictionary for database table definition, Function Builder to be used with function modules, Class Builder for ABAP Objects interfaces and classes and Screen Painter for designing the UI.

Some ABAP add-ons can accelerate SAP reporting. This is achieved by the add-ons reducing the SAP development time significantly. You do not need to develop ABAP programs manually. There are tools such as the Hovitaga Report Generator that can generate 200 to 1000 lines of the ABAP code within minutes. You only have to build the OpenSQL query, choose the report settings, and the software will generate the ABAP code for you. The queries can be tested very easy, as the Report Generator is built on top of a OpenSQL editor, that allows you to instantly execute queries.

This ABAP developer tool is written entirely in ABAP, meaning it is transparent (there is no black-box development) and it is integrated into the respective SAP system. As a professional SAP add-on you can buy it with several support levels, and you also get the chance to test it for free. This tool can greatly reduce IT costs, by reducing development time of ABAP reports.

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