How to Have a Beautiful Little Face? With 10 Right Face-Lift Methods
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How to Have a Beautiful Little Face? With 10 Right Face-Lift Methods

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1. Exercise method: The result of exercise weight reduction is all-round. If that person is actually “fat“, an entire great deal of perspiration after a good amount of exercise can help water to be quickly excreted. Face-lifting First, make an effort to fill the air to your mouth, hang on for ten secs, and then make an effort to pry the mouth area and hang on for 10 secs. Can decrease the body fat on the face. Second, slowly look up, look at the sky, open the mouth, lift your tip of the tongue is upwards, adhere to 10 seconds withdraw the tongue, close the mouth, slowly lower the head, repeat 10 times. Third, when the mouth is slightly open, the right techniques left and right, repeated 30 times. Chew gradually and chew 30 times with both sides of the mouth. Many people will ignore the effect of eating habits on face-lifting. In fact, the salivary hormone produced by chewing can help activate the brain and make the brain more active in the metabolism of the body. Moreover, foods with high chewing fiber content, such as celery and coarse grains, can prevent constipation and keep the physical body light and light at all times. In addition, the chewing will be good work out of mouth muscles. So that even if you eat less even, it is a pie face. The right way of chewing is highly recommended to eat a bite of food on the sides of the teeth for 15 to 25 minutes and to chew slowly so that the face shape is more and more scalloped. 2. Diet: Eat more fruits & vegetables that can be swollen and moist, such as melon, in three meals a week. If your face is obese due to muscle buildup, please reject chewing gum, sugars cane and other foods that exercise your nibbling muscles, because they only make your facial muscles stronger. High potassium meal makes the face smaller. High-potassium foods that help eliminate small face edema and foods that help normal teeth chew and bite are necessary for face-lifting. Potassium can promote metabolic function in the body, eliminate the problem of facial swelling caused by improper diet or living habits. High-fiber seaweed, tofu, dried bean curd, and green vegetables are all intimate of small faces. 3. Right Bathing method: High-temperature bathing is an excellent way to lose excess weight. It can be a thin face when bathing at high temperatures also. You are able to sit in the bathtub at a temp of 38 ° C every full day with the right message the face with face cream, bath time is 20 minutes. 4. Facial weight loss exercise: Aerobic massage: During the massage process, it targets revitalizing the optical eye, sunlight, and cheek. It could prevent face body fat effectively. Plan three minutes of aerobic fitness exercise: The first step, from the forehead to the toe, press 3-4 times with both bare hands. The next step, the center finger and the band finger alternately touch the edges of the nasal area, repeat 1-2 times, then massage the cheeks in a spiral manner, from the lower jaw to the lower ear, the ear, the nose to the upper area of the ear therapeutic massage, repeat two times. In the 3rd step, the thumb and the index finger are accustomed to drawing the low jaw range alternately, and the right and remaining edges are reciprocated three times. In the 4th step, the neck is lifted from underneath of the palms gently. 5. Professional face-lifting method: Most professional beauty salons create best face-lifting services, the result varies with the true way, you can pick regarding your own situation. The face-lifting treatment of dermaville is unquestionable. Just choose your best dermatologist in Bangalore to think about your own situation and make options carefully. The existing beauty face-lifting method includes cosmetic liposuction: placing a liposuction tube from behind the ear to remove excess fat from the face. Facial plastic surgery: the doctor will cut a small little bit of bone on both edges of your cheek, so the original is too across the lower jaw became sharper. It easy, but be sure you be cautious; a cosmetic shot of botulinum toxin: That is a toxin that triggers muscle atrophy. It works and it is not bad for the fitness of your body. These methods sound terrible, and people who choose must be cautious! 6. Finger pressure bloating method: The acupuncture factors that make the cheeks swollen are the right points of the cheeks. Since these acupuncture points are difficult to remember, we can massage the finger pressure according to the following method to achieve the function of pressing the acupuncture points. In the first step, the thumb is near to the lower area of the humerus, and the drive is pressed downwards by about 2 cm vertically, and the drive can up-wards be raised, and the finger force is relaxed. In the next step, the center finger and the band finger are close jointly, and the pressure along the lower edge of the humerus is pressed down to 2 cm in parallel and then to the top. In the third step, the four fingers are close collectively and tapped on the acupuncture points on the cheek. Finally, the four fingers close collectively and touch the cheeks, clockwise, from the inside out. Be aware: The above-mentioned acupressure therapeutic massage is ideal for two times. Excessive or excessive force massage may lead to tingling nerve effect or muscle contusion and looseness. 7. Make-up face method: In the event that you feel that exercise therapeutic massage is too much, and believe that liposuction surgery is too unpleasant, utilize this method. As well as trouble, the result is good! The eyebrow shape is lashed, thin and tall, and then the vision shadow is elongated with brownish color, and the effect of the two eyes is laid out from the end of the eye. 8. Lymphatic therapeutic massage face-lift method: Face edema is triggered by impotence triggered by malfunctioning of hormones. It could be found in professional beauty salons to clear the edema by clearing the passing of lymphatic massage. 9. Wash your face: Change the way you usually wash your face, wash your face with normal to warm water and cold water to promote blood vessels metabolism and circulation. 10. Other: Such as for example taking in tea, drink a glass of green tea (or espresso) to quickly release excess drinking water on the facial skin; cold compress, covered in glaciers with a tactile soft towel, put on the edema of the eyelids for three minutes, to use the concept of thermal extension and contraction to lessen bloating, etc. It is a good way to lose face quickly. Overview: Actually, face-lifting is not much difficult as we think, so long as you pay more focus on your diet, and do more face-lifting exercises then, you can have a little beautiful face too!
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