How to Improve Your Health Status by Diet in Autumn
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How to Improve Your Health Status by Diet in Autumn

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Many people especially office workers find themselves in the sub-healthy status. In such situation, I think they can improve their health status through diet. The following foods are suggested to add in your daily recipe.

Tomato: It is the good source of vitamin A, vitamin P and vitamin C. The most useful substance in tomato is the lycopene, which has good cardiovascular protection and reduces the incidence of heart diseases. Its unique antioxidant ability could clear the free radicals, protect cells, prevent the cancer process and act as the natural sunscreen. The abundant niacin in tomatoes could prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease; the soluble dietary fiber pectin can prevent constipation; citric acid and malic acid can eliminate the substances which can cause fatigue. In autumn, the tomatoes are naturally ripe, so the nutritional value reaches the peak.

Lotus: Autumn is the harvest season of lotus root. Lotus root is the representative of white foods. Except large amount of carbohydrates, the vitamins, proteins and minerals contents are also very rich. The raw lotus root is suitable for acne patients to eat. After cooking, the lotus root is a kind of good supplement, which can nourish stomach and supply blood.

Sweet potato: The protein quality of sweet potato is quite high, so it could make up for the nutrition deficiency, and the regular consumption could increase the body’s utilization of nutrients in the staple foods. It contains the dietary fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer. On the other hand, sweet potato has special effects in protecting human organs, inhibiting the deposition of cholesterol, maintaining blood vessel elasticity and protecting cardiovascular health. It not only contains the nutrients of staple foods, but also has the vitamin C and potassium of vegetables and fruits, so it can be regarded as the perfect weight loss healthy food.

Except the above several kinds of foods, corns, apples and carrots are also good for body health. In the view of us, the most popular foods are not the most delicious ones but the healthiest and suitable one for our body health.

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