How to Let Children Watch Less Television at Home
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How to Let Children Watch Less Television at Home

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Many children like watching TV for a long time, and it is worried by many parents. Watching television not only is bad for eyes, but also influences the normal development. So, how to let your children watch less TV?

Most children like to stay in front of television and parents often could not stop them. The recent research found that children watch at least two hours of television every day, which will influence the development of physique and intelligence. What’s more, children will become more unsociable under the long-term partnership with TV and it will have tremendous impact on their physical and mental health. The following tips may be helpful to keep children healthy.

Reach agreement with children in advance. You can sit down and have a deep talk with your children and discuss the specific details about watching television with them. For example, how long could they watch TV every day? What do they need to do before watching television? How can they get rewards if they really obey the rules?

More and more parents found that some television programs could not provide beneficial content to their children. Children are small in age and they have to learn good knowledge under the correct guidance of parents. So, parents are suggested to purchase or rent DVD with useful information children need to know.

Do not place television in children’s bedroom. In modern family, people often have more than one television to meet all demands of family members. However, placing television in children’s bedroom will let them communicate less information with other family members and it also reduces their time of studying and sleeping. What’s more, parents could not control the content and quality of the television programs children have watched.

Television is not the only tool of entertainment. In order to deal with the busy work, parents often leave their children stay at home and spend less time to play with children. In fact, children are easy to be dependent on television because of lack of accompany. If parents are free, they are suggested to go out and take various activities with their children and try to cultivate their interests. It must be useful to let children far away from television.

In a word, parents have to try their best in cultivation of children. The parents’ love is the key point to keep children healthy in physique and psychology. Of course, parents could think out their own special ways for their children.

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