How to Make Wooden Furniture Long Living
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How to Make Wooden Furniture Long Living

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Since wooden fittings are used for the decoration of our residences and other living places from long time. People use several kinds of furniture to give an impressive look and feel to their living places. Choice of these fittings changes time to time, but it is fact that nothing can be compared with the good quality and rich textural furniture for decoration of our living places. In these days mostly people prefer blend of traditional and modern fittings to give desired look to their places.

Furniture is very important part of our homes and their proper care is also necessary to make them awesome and long living. First step towards make furniture long living and awesome is that maintain the humidity between 25 to 35 percent of your rooms. It is the ideal percentage for wooden items and at this humidity no exchange of moisture takes place and wood remains in same condition. People can maintain humidity of their rooms by air conditioners in summers and by blowers in winter seasons.

Some time small cuts or scratches are visible on the furniture, people can hide all of them by using scratch covers. If marks are large the same color shoe polish or sketch pen can be used to hide these marks. To get rid of water spots, first leave fixtures to completely dry use some good quality spot cleaning liquid. Take some liquid on soft cotton clothe and rub over the water spots until they becomes disappear.

Several color rings are also appears on wooden console table left by the cups and glasses. People can get rid of these spots by home made mixture of cigarette ashes and cooking oils. Scrub this mixture over the table by scrubber until these rings disappears. Wax and polish are also important products to maintain the look and feel of your furniture. It is advisable that apply good quality wax on wooden almirah like valuable furniture twice in a year. But before applying new wax always remove old one from any good quality wax cleaning product.

Timber items directly come in contact with floor then it is also possible that furniture badly affected by wood eating insects. So doesn’t place furniture directly contact with the floor; attach plastic bits at the legs of wooden cupboard to keep away from direct contact of floor. Except form these facts always keep in mind purchase good quality furniture, because wooden items made up of good quality hardwood are itself long living and impressive in look. Mostly good quality furniture is made of woods like oak, cherry, cedar, rustic and pine trees.

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