How to Secure Your Home from Mold
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How to Secure Your Home from Mold

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A large number of people are falling victim to mold infection mainly due to negligence. Mold infection not just affects asthma or allergy sufferers, but can cause adverse health effects to healthy persons too. Usually, seniors and children are more prone to mold infection due to weak immune system. Mold growth can cause a wide range of health problems like fever, flu-like symptoms, excessive nose bleeds, fatigue, respiratory dysfunction, headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, liver damage and more.

Hence, it’s important to secure your family members from infectious molds. Keeping your home free from mold is one of the best ways to secure your family. Since, mold thrives in different climatic conditions and hidden places, it’s difficult to get rid of mold completely but you control mold growth. Generally, there are two options available for securing your home from mold. One is Do It yourself (DIY) and the other option is to find a professional San Francisco mold removal company.

Let us see some latest DIY strategies that might help you to control mold growth:

Moisture control:

This is one of the important steps that can control mold growth effectively, since damp places are the best breeding grounds for mold. Try to maintain internal humidity level below 60% to restrict mold growth.

Ways to control moisture within your home:

Increase the ventilating systems by creating new attic vents and windows to enhance the air flow.

Keep dehumidifiers and air conditioners in good working condition

Use exhaust fans to remove polluted and moisture air outside


It’s time to inspect your home to find and eliminate mold growth. Some simple tips to perform mold inspection effectively are listed below:

Air conditioning systems:

You need to pay more attention below air conditioning systems where mold growth takes place. You must also check air conditioning drain lines to detect any leakages.

Showers and toilets:

Bathrooms are one the main places where you can find mold infection. Discoloration of any surfaces, water stains, musty odor and dark spots are some common signs used by expert mold inspection professionals to detect mold infection.


Leakages that are found in pipelines, appliance hoses, irrigation systems and other water supply systems are an important cause for mold growth. You need to check these things on regular basis to control mold growth.

Preventive measures:

Increase ventilating systems and keep air conditioning systems in good condition

Clean bathrooms on regular basis using mold killing products

Don’t use carpets in moisture collecting areas like bathroom and kitchen

Use high quality paints that are resistant to mold inspection

These are simple ways to secure your home from mold. If you are unable to remove mold, then hire a professional San Francisco mold removal company to perform the removal process in time and within your budget.

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