How to Treat the Insomnia of Pregnant Women
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How to Treat the Insomnia of Pregnant Women

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Insomnia is mostly caused by nervous breakdown or temporary mood swings and disorders. Pregnant women are more sensitive in spiritual and psychological aspects. They often fall in depression and insomnia because of fear and worry. The following ways are effective in relieving the insomnia condition of pregnant women.

Changes in diet will affect their quality of sleep during pregnancy, so the balanced diet and rational nutrition are very important. The diet of pregnant women should be light and rich in protein and vitamins. Do not drink strong tea and alcohol and do not eat pepper, cinnamon and other foods which would hinder sleep.

Avoid eating before bedtime. Special physical needs of pregnant women make them hungry frequently, so they need to choose nutritional and easy-digestive foods. Try to avoid eating before going to sleep because it will not only increase the burden on digestive organs but also influence the sleep quality.

Do not be nervous before going to bed. It is not suitable to watch intense television drama or novels; it is also not suitable to talk about unhappy things or overuse brains. If the brain is in the excited state, it is difficult for them to fall asleep. They can read interesting happy content, listen to light music and do smooth exercise to improve the nerve regulation.

Try to avoid hooded sleeping, because it is easy to absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide. The deficiency of oxygen will lead to breathing difficulties and affect the sleep quality.

Pregnant women should ensure to go to bed before 10pm, because the sleep-promoting substances in the body secrete more productively at about 10 pm. As they miss the best sleeping time, it will be difficult for them to fall into sleep again. It will lead to severe insomnia and decreased sleep quality. Therefore, pregnant women should ensure eight hours’ sleep every night, with one hour’s nap at noon.

What’s more, pregnant women should have a good sleep environment. The sleep environment should be convenient and comfortable. They can choose thick cloth to make curtain because the sunlight in the morning could wake people up. The suitable humidity of bedroom is about 60% to 70%. People could use air-conditioner or humidifier to adjust the humidity.

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