How To Use Granite In Commercial Spaces
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How To Use Granite In Commercial Spaces

Published by: Harrie Dadhwal (35)
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Granite is a fantastic material not just for using round the home but also in hotels, shops, offices and restaurants to give a feel of high-class luxury and elegance. There are many different ways you can use granite on your business premises to jazz up the setting and complement the architecture. Granite flooring gives any shop a prestige feel, and reflects light well to highlight products hanging on racks, or displayed in cases fabulously.

You can use lightly distressed or unhoned granite in your hotel or restaurant to give a feel of establishment and age. Granite has been used as a major construction material in public buildings for centuries, and by using it in your business you are continuing an ages old tradition. Granite looks particularly beautiful when used for external structural details and because of its extreme hardness can be used as an attractive but durable option for busy walkways.

The natural stone works well as a material for shop counter tops. The natural stone is durable, easy to maintain and scratch and stain resistant when sealed correctly, making it a perfect fit for intensive use. Granite is available in a variety of dazzling colours, including jet black flecked with gold or bronze, which make the perfect backdrop for displaying luxury products. You could try using stunning hues of black, tan, grey, cream or white granite in your shop to provide an impressive surface for choosing and purchasing products.

Granite, being made of quartzite and feldspar minerals which have cooled and compacted over a very long period, is one of the hardest materials on earth and as such is the perfect flooring material for busy areas such as hotel foyers or shopping centres. Where other flooring options, such as timber floorboards, ceramic tiles or plush carpets, will inevitably scratch, crack or stain over time, granite tiles will retain their smooth, glossy appearance even after decades of heavy use.

Granite is also an obvious but highly suited choice for cafes and restaurants. Whether you choose to use granite for your kitchen counter tops or simply use it in the dining area to add an elegantly homely feel, granite is a fantastic choice for any cafe and restaurant. Consider using a uniquely coloured and flecked slab of granite for table tops and serving counters in your restaurant or cafe. You could also use granite for interesting decorative details in your space, such as granite lazy susans, serving platters or decorative wall tiles.

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