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How to Use Web Testing Scorecard

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Web testing scorecards will concentrate mainly on the GUI (Graphic user interface), GUI is used by websites to enable the users to browse easily within the pages of website. The website’s GUI functionality has great impact on the amount of traffic generated by a website.

GUI is created to provide effective control to the users on computers. In this case, control means the flexibility with which the Graphical User Interface reacts to the commands of users. Developing the website’s GUI quality will be the first thing that a web test scorecard will attempt to achieve. Logically the goal will be to give users the required graphic interface functionality by making use of the most appropriate web technology that is available.

The homepage will get the initial attention naturally, while testing a design of the website. The questions that you may ask here are: how the homepage is found by a visitor? Is easy navigation with the pages of website is allowed by the homepage menus? Does the design of the homepage and building inspire more visitors? Being biased, owner of a website or developer will tend to provide desired answers but there is a good and more precise way of measuring the functionality of homepage and that is, to ask the users about their opinion.

A web test will decide the efficiency of GUI by measuring the flexibility and speed with which users browse from the homepage to other pages of website and back and to link with important links. A good GUI pattern will often give obviously located navigation points in every page and graphic buttons that give graphic recognition, which informs searchers they are still within the domain of a website.

The creation of the site should give straight forward links to embedded pages within the website. A well planned GUI will not fall short of links that will make the searchers to come back to the homepage, otherwise, they will be clenched in the page and will not have any opportunity to come to other pages of the site. Every page should have links to other sections and pages, which is even better.

Interface speed is another web test that is good for measuring the functionality of website. Users are believed to give only 10 seconds of waiting time to enter websites before going somewhere else. This means, website interface should be assembled with access speed of majority users. Searchers on internet usually use dial-up connections. So it has to be aligned by considering that speed. 

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