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How To Work And Live In Canada

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In the time of globalization, everybody wishes to get a citizenship of a developed country. We all know what a developed country can provide in terms of education and career is hardly you can get in any other country in the world. Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world with having a growing economy. One can find many more opportunities in wide range of industries to build a good career.

If you are willing to build your career in the field of business and technology than it’s better to work in Canada, as there are number of leading business houses are setting up their base in Canada. Canada has a better immigration support facility for those who are willing to go and work in Canada. As compared to other countries, the economy of Canada is very strong; as a result one can find many more job opportunities in various fields. Canada always welcomes skilled workers from all over the world. Working and living in Canada will give you some rights like one can demand the minimum wage, which the government has fixed for them. In Canada, mostly immigrants are getting job opportunities in the health and retail sectors.

In most of the locations in Canada, you can find an accommodation at a decent price. Although Canada has a healthy economy, one should arrange a job before leaving. In order to get a well paying job in Canada, you need to be an expert or a professional in a particular field otherwise chance to get a desired job is quite tough. There are so many places in Canada like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are some of the best place to live and work in Canada. Toronto is the largest city in the Canada with having population of more than 2.7 million. Toronto was considered was one of the most economically powerful cities in the world. Toronto is the home of banking and financial capital of Canada. There are many industries are making a beeline to invest in this city due to the size of the economy, cost and quality of living.

In order to get the permanent citizenship in Canada, you need to fulfill certain rules and regulations as laid down by the government of Canada. These are the below guidelines one should follow in order to apply the citizenship of Canada-

1.    You should live in Canada for three to four years before applying for the citizenship and must have the excellent communication skills either in English or French.
2.    You should possess through knowledge about Canadian history, culture and political system.
3.    Download the immigration application form from the citizenship and immigration website.
4.    Fill the application form and send it to the address given by paying the charges applicable as mentioned.
5.    After meeting all the requirements, you will receive a notice to take the oath of citizenship.

It is very much essential to know that, the application fee is not refundable in any circumstances. So, make sure, you are meeting all the eligibility criteria for getting the citizenship of Canada.

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