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Hr staffing solutions in bangalore

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What is Job Satisfaction? I was recently reading an article about job and employee satisfaction that explained all of the intricate elements that make up this topic. It seemed rather complex and it made hr staffing solutions in bangalore me reflect on my own personal perception of this concept. I believe you can look at job satisfaction as a sliding scale; a scale that is in a constant eb and flow of small ups and downs. On one side of the scale you have your job and on the other you have your employer. To maintain equilibrium or job satisfaction, you have to have a balance between the right job and right employer. The Right Job I am not in a position to say what the right job is. This is an individualized concept that is defined by our and ambitions. Regardless of the definition in our own minds, we should be able to list off our wish list, must haves, wants or needs in a job. These usually involve our day-to-day tasks and the work itself. The Right Employer I carefully used the word ‘right’ here because it sets the stage for your own personalized definition of what a hr staffing solutions in bangalore right employer is to you. Sometimes it’s in the type or purpose of the organization, the products it sells or simply what the company stands for. Sometimes the ‘right employer’ has to have a certain reputation, be of a certain size or in contrary, exhibits similar values to you personally. Does job satisfaction really exist? We don’t often have the luxury of finding the right job and right employer at the time of our job hunt. Current economic conditions, employment rates and job availability often cause the job satisfaction scale to be imbalanced from the start. We usually have to compromise on one or the other. We often hear people say, “It’s not exactly what I want to do but it is a great company.” “It’s exactly what I have been trained to do but there are no opportunities for growth.” With these statements in mind, you can start to see how difficult it becomes to find the balance. How do I find the balance? I believe the first step to job satisfaction is awareness. It is important to know and define what your balance is as well as determine if the balance currently exists. I feel it is also important to write down what’s important to you and understand what are your definitions of the right job and right employer? Once you have this awareness, you also need to understand that job satisfaction will never be in perfect harmony. There will be times when you are dissatisfied with your hr staffing solutions in bangalore job or vise versa and the scale has tipped a bit. It is only when the scale tips completely to one side when you need to re-evaluate your job satisfaction. Looking back now on your career history, have there been instances when you worked for the right company but were in the wrong position? Or was there a time when you loved your job but hated the company you worked for? Perhaps you can start to see a pattern between the right job and right employer. How was your scale then compared to now?
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