Humble People May Also Become Great Men
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Humble People May Also Become Great Men

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A father takes his son to visit Van Gogh’s former residence, having seen that small wooden bed and the split shoes, the son asked his father: “Wasn’t Van Gogh a millionaire?” his father replied: “Van Gogh is a poor man who even did not marry.”

Another year passed, his father went to Denmark with his son. They visited Anderson’s house. His son was confused and asked: “Doesn’t Andersen live in the palace? How was he in this attic?” the father replied: “Anderson is the son of a shoemaker, and he lives in here.”

The father is a sailor, and he travels each port of the Atlantic every year. His son is called Ito Prague, the world’s first black reporters won the Pulitzer Prize.

Twenty years later, when Ito Prague recalled the memories of childhood, he said: “At that time, my families are black besides we are poor, and my parents live for selling their own hard labor. For a long time, I always think the humble people like us have no future. But my father let me know Van Gogh and Anderson, and he also let me know black is not humble. Even from both the personal experience of Van Gogh and Anderson, I know that God does not despise blacks.”

Racial discrimination comes from the discard between people. We need not be too concerned about these small factors. In fact, no matter what race you are born, whether you are poor or rich, as long as you believe in yourself, and fight for your dream, you will make them come true.

We must realize that the rich are not necessarily great, and the poor are not necessarily humble. God is fair, he gives the opportunity to everyone, and the humble people also have the chance. However, the confident people catch the opportunity, but the low self-esteem people miss it. Low self-esteem is the nail in heart, if it is not pulled, it always make you uncomfortable. And low self-esteem will stop you along the way, which even buries your bright future. Therefore, we should not have low self-esteem, we should be confident to believe that our tomorrow will be better.

To be a confident person, you will find God is fair. On the contrary, you will feel God is unfair. What do you think of God?

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