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Hunted The Demons Forge Playstation 3 Review

Published by: Sandra Prior (55)
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Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is supposed to be an RPG game. But its so action packed you’ll swear you’re playing an action arcade game. From start to finish, there is not a moment to rest in this action packed series. This is the kind of game the Playstation 3 was designed for. You’ll be glad to own one.

It’s the story of two mercenaries on a quest to save the world. Of course, they have to make money on the way. That’s what mercenaries do. E’Lara is a sexy woman Elven dressed in skimpy seductive outfits. You will wonder where she hides that heavy armor she carries around. Caddoc is her sidekick. Together they form a remarkable team. They work in unison to combat all kinds of threats, but yet they don’t do anything extraordinary. You won’t find any unusual or breathtaking stunts, but you will still enjoy the stuff they do together. These are two characters you will love.

You will move onto one adventure to the next, but none of them are really enticing enough for you to keep going past bedtime. Most of the scenes are bland and boring. The graphics are not something to rave about. Everything seems so plain and simple. The action does become repetitive after a while. You are doing the same things over and over.

The other characters are nothing to make you ecstatic. They are made up of simple graphics, lacking in real life emotions and even when they speak, it’s very unrealistic. Their facial features barely move. Their pixels lack any luster and the colors are dark.

The best part of the game is the combat E’Lara and Caddoc are engaged in. Caddoc’s primary weapon is his sword and E’Lara focuses on her bow. They can attack with long range weapons as well if need be. There are many obstacles they can hide behind for cover. The most exciting combat is when Caddoc is slashing and hacking with his sword. You simply rush the enemy and slash him until he dies. On the playstation 3 you will just be hitting the attack button, nothing more. 

You can also play co-op, and that will make the game more interesting. It’s better to just take out the enemies with your slashing sword, and much more fun too. After a while this may get tedious, but that’s basically all you do. You can use some of your magic, but that’s not as exciting as it may seem. Most gamers will prefer to use the sword to wipe out enemies. There are no complicated strategies to consider, you just move forward all the time. 

If you play the game with a co-op friend you may find it more enjoyable than single player. If you’re connected to the Internet, you can play with people online and this adds some sort of variety to the game that dissipates some of the boredom. In this mode you may find that co-operation between players will reward you greatly. Partners that have been killed can be revived if you get close enough to throw a potion to them and you can use magic to enhance their abilities. 

For most of the game Caddoc and E’lara are close together and they very rarely split up. The mechanics of the game are somewhat different to similar RPGs. But it’s refreshing to know that future RPGs may use the mechanics of Hunted.

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