Hunter SRM-04 Rotor
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Hunter SRM-04 Rotor

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Hunter SRM-04 Rotor is a rotor device that you will love to use in your house or in your commercial zone as well. Basically this device is designed to use in residential sites but if you have an intention then you can use it in a commercial site as well. However if you will use it in your house then you will definitely get the best results from it. It is designed in a way that it will cover all the area of your garden allowing you to nourish each and every part of your lawn. You may choose to do this manually but the question is, fro how much time you will keep doing that? It is not easy to take such responsibility and nourish your garden manually by taking out time from your daily busy routine. The best thing that you can do is to find a product that can spray water in your lawn automatically and a rotor product is something that is professionally designed to serve this purpose. if you are sick of giving water to your lawn by yourself daily then it is the time to get a professional help in terms of a rotor that will be easily installed and adjusted in your lawn and will nourish all your lawn completely on daily basis. This design is made to use in house or residential areas but it can be used on commercial areas occasionally. For this you will have to use Hunter SRM-04 Rotor along with commercial rotors that are quite big in size and are made to cover large areas. However for residential use, there can be nothing better then this rotor device and especially when you are getting this at very economical price then you don’t need to go for any other product or manual process that will make you tired in a few days.

Rotor Features

- A nozzle is something that is important to spray the water in your lawn. When you will buy rotor then you will get a set of nozzles as well for free. That means you will not have to pay any extra charge for that facility.

- Whenever you have to use a device or machine, you need to read the instructions that will help you to use that machine properly. You will get an instructional guide that will help you to learn about Hunter SRM-04 Rotor.

- When it comes to adjust or replace the rotor then it is very easy with the help of an adjustment tool that is provided with this rotor set.

- The radius of the rotor can be redefined and adjusted very easily with the help of radius adjustment tool. This tool is very easy to use and will let you adjust the radius instantly.

- A rotor that does not have a strong design and is not reliable is of no use to anyone. Rotors are subjected to easy damages and that is why this rotor is surrounded by rubber cover that makes it secure and reliable.

- A screw tool has been provided that can be used to adjust and redefine the radius area of the rotor. By adjusting the rotor radius you can cover a small or large region acording to your choice.

Circulation Features

- The arc of this rotor is very flexible and can be adjusted very easily to large extent allowing you to increase the spray length.

- The best thing about the Hunter SRM-04 Rotor is that it has got such motor init that keeps rotating consistently without any interruption so that you can get consistent performance.

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