Hybrid App Development Pros and Cons
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Hybrid App Development Pros and Cons

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Hybrid application features all the capabilities of both web and native integration. The hybrid version offers native like experience on diverse platforms. The application is made on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript platform and wrapper technology is integrated so that it is easily accessible on varied mobile platforms namely Android, iOS amongst others. PhoneGap and other frameworks are launched with APIs that allow the users of the application to have benefits of many features such as Camera, GPS, memory, Touch etc. This is a kind of web app that encompasses a native shell. There are lots of advantages of investing in such application development. Any Hybrid App Development Company in Android would agree to benefits it offers as listed below:

1. Easy access to Mobile Data

Like a native app, Hybrid apps come with access to device data seamlessly without any hassle. The app not only allows information access from GPS & camera, but also contacts book and also allows push notification. This feature makes it best compatible with smartphones. 

2. Working in Offline Mode is Possible

Integrated with native features as well, Hybrid app can run offline too. This makes it extremely resourceful when data runs out. The users can easily load previous data and interact with the application without any hindrance.

3. Scalable

It is simple to make apps with this functionality on varied mobile platforms as well as operating systems, OS. There is no requirement to write the code from the beginning for diverse platforms. It is because Hybrid supports flexible architecture that minimizes making codes separately for different platforms.

4. Content Implementation is Super Smooth

The application features the quality of web app, it is hence very easy for the developers to put through application content in the mobile apps. Moreover, it saves cost and a lot of time as well as and thus enhances productivity.

Apart from many advantages there are certain challenges faced by the developers. Even though hybrid app allows users to access the native feature, it does not mean that it can substitute native app completely. In fact, there is nothing that can take place of native application as its key aspects like graphics, performance, effect and user-experience cannot be implemented in hybrid application. Android App Development services provider agrees to various challenges in functionality as pointed below:

The app abides the content based on web architecture, thus, it loads slower than native appThe varied components of hybrid face technical faults while loading on the mobile devices because not everything is compatible with different platformHybrid Interactive game apps like 2D or 3D still cannot work same like native app

In a nutshell Hy-brid application development is viable solution for various businesses. But, in order to bring out native experience from hybrid app, there is still a long way to go. Many frameworks are in improving phase and in the future. 

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