I extremely propose everyone to celebration so
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I extremely propose everyone to celebration so

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[[[ level 14~16 ]]]

Tiger level 13~17, Auto-attack
Bandit Archer (Stronghold) level 14~17, Auto-attack and prolonged ranged attack
Bandit (Stronghold) level 15~18, Auto-attack
Can’t appear to locate a place to safe wow gold educate at? as well pretty many players? could possibly be the actuality that participant carrying out KS?

Solution ... make an effort to locate a appropriate place to educate at. without a doubt I know… as well pretty many damn players, but there have a tendency to be blank places forto educate at

[[[ level 17~20 ]]]

I extremely propose everyone to celebration so it’ll be simpler available for you guys to level. be good that the weapons and armor and updated collectively with your present level.

Black Tiger level 17~19, Auto-attack, prolonged ranged assault of beauty use
White Tiger level 17~20, Auto-attack
Chakji Worker level 17~21
Chakji Earth Worker level 19~22, Auto-attack

You’ve reached level 20. Finally, you zJXzelWQ can find the work opportunities of getting a merchant, hunter, and thief. You may PK other gamers who are level 20. You can purchase the procedure products in Chang’An by steering in the direction of guild and purchase it for 10,000 wow items gold.

[[[ manager ]]]

Tiger woman level 18, Location: Hohnesyl Mountain

Don’t bother wanting to research for her, people nowadays typically locate her 1st previous to you. even although you saw her by any chance, be good that you simply provide many potion.

Make particular that the weapon and armor are updated near for the newest level. level up people knowledge and purchase potions. At this point of training, it’ll be considered a good offer more intense than before.

Bandit Subordinate level 10~12
Bandit Archer level 10~13, Auto-attack and extended assortment attack
Young Tiger level 10~14

What the hell are people large monsters?!
Their Giants! They are large and powerful. They have more powerful assault energy and defense with lots and loads of strike points. Defeating a Giant provides you greater than a thousand of come upon factors jointly with large sum of golds and product drops. The monsters are ... Bandit Archer Giant, Tiger Giant, Bandit Giant, along using the light Tiger Giant.

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