I Have an Appointment with Words
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I Have an Appointment with Words

Published by: Toryyang (355)
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For a long time, I do not know how long it is, in short, until now, I never wrote a little article… At the third year of high school, in order to enter into the ideal university, I had to put down the pen in my hands, and let those beloved characters go. Then, the heavy studies like the cold roar of the wind, accidently broke the wings of my writing, but also blew my young heart coldly. Since then, it seems that I am completely insulated with words, and I never wrote any word in my full third year of school.

Today I stood on the university campus, having leisure to learn, live and play…  Sometimes I think, perhaps, it is time that I start to write again. Text is my old friend. Once, those sentences flowing in the paper, at the moment is like the cane around the corner and fence side, wound with blue memories, gently kiss my bright eyes. However, when I started to write again, but feel powerless, as if lost an ability to fly and dance with text. Perhaps, I have not seen them for long time, so they do not recognize his master.

The sentences creeping on the paper often bites me, but whenever I want to reach out to seize them, they are like color bubbled in water, slowly quietly haloing, and is nowhere to be found. In the end I gave up the text, or text left me? No one knows, or neither.

Later, I met many people, who also love literature like me online in prose. They have nice transparent pen name, but also have a rare talent and text. Sometimes, reading what they write, I feel ashamed.

I love literature, I felt writing is a very wonderful thing: in a quiet corner, let time restore the look of no trace, then close your eyes, cover your ears and just deep breathe, like you sink into the clear water in contract with the surrounding… At the moment, do not hurry, it will not be urgent, only wait for every small fragment, scene and image itself slowly appearing in your mind, disappearing or being remembered, and then you start the writings… I write by trying to use the isolation and loneliness to blow away the dust of the heart.

So, from now on, let me regain the text of the pen!

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