Ideas for The Absolutely Clueless Is Good For Maplestory Mesos
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Ideas for The Absolutely Clueless Is Good For Maplestory Mesos

Published by: Nigoola (23)
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A number of cheap maplestory mesos ideas for beginners who have no clue at all about which class to choose first:

Prophets  might be a good start because they are the easiest class to get a party. They are the specialized buffers of the game. Also, because of their strong buffs they are the kind of clerics who are the easiest to solo, except Shamans who have much better body stats than other mystics. If you decide later which class you really want to play and can play on two accounts, you will also always have the best buffing possible, which is a HUGE advantage. The disadvantage is however that clerics in general tend to be passive and everybody expects them to help, but many don’t help in return.

Treasure Hunters  are a good start to buy maplestory mesos because they are rumored to be easy to play, and are excellent for finding specific resources. In any case they are surprisingly tough warriors with an ambundance of passive and active skills to their increase damage output  and a rich palette of skills to avoid getting targeted , avoid combat altogether  stop combat , or moving a single opponent away from his allies . Also, they have two emergency abilities . As the list shows, they are experts in getting into any place and fighting only specific monsters - only why they are easy to play is hard to understand. They are great solo and great in any party - the later because they are the second highest melee damage dealers after Tyrants. Treasure Hunters and Hawkeyes are the only classes except dwarves who get the skill Vital Force for fast healing when sitting down. Like all Human and Orc Fighters, they also get Relax. Having the combined effect from both skills and decent human Constitution to start with, this means they heal maplestory mesos faster than anyone else when sitting down.

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