If You Do Not Slip A Diamond on Her Forefinger
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If You Do Not Slip A Diamond on Her Forefinger

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Unless you go to the simple wedding band, the norms dictate that you need to put a diamond on her finger for commitment. But what if you’re the one who tries to defy the guidelines and go an extra mile to get your lady love a distinct stone that either matches her eye color or brings a whole fresh glow on her face? You need to make a smart choice here if you don’t stick to the diamond stud. 1. Amethyst- A Royal Affair If you have chosen a stone other than diamonds, go purple–the color is related with royalty and luxury. And that’s not just meant to boast about the expense incurred, but with the right cut and size, the violet stone would look amazing with most jewelry items and dresses. To accentuate the impact, you can also contrast it with tiny gemstones. 2. The Exuberant Emeralds Emeralds are one of those stones worn by most females around the world and similarly loved with most clothing styles and wedding dresses. You can get a range of stone dimensions and cuts; a gigantic emerald stone could be prominent on a wedding band and a cluster of them in a specific form. The color exudes breeziness and is awe-inspiring, particularly if you are looking for bigger dimensions. 3. Garnet- The Bold Affair Renowned for its red and dark purple shades, garnet is a stone that is not generally found in wedding / engagement rings. But attempt one with it and you’re definitely not going to be disappointed. The stone glows more in an ancient environment, combined with multiple light colored stones or pearls to shine the brightest. This is also cost-effective and could be a replacement for ruby. 4. The Prepossessing Pearls Both luxury and simplicity are synonymous with the soft shine of pearls that would fit into any kind of ring and any wedding theme. This is one of the common diamond-based options for its contemporary and chic look along with that of traditional beauty. 5. The Titillating Topaz If that’s the shade similar to or close to her eye color, you don’t have to think twice before choosing this stone that could dwell in any core and forefinger forever with its blue shades. The stone is also available in soft pink, orange and green shades and can be selected depending on the size and color of the choice. Take her on a joyride as you surprise her with the selected ring, with Limo Service Dallas. Or if you want to create it a lengthy journey covering the town first as you lead to the jeweler’s to make her choose it, one of the finest Limo Service Lewisville, Limo Rental Lewisville TX which is’ Dependable as a Rock but on Wheels.’ Call us now - (972) 332-0535 Posted By Limo Service Dallas If you have any query related to the Limo Service Dallas. Please visit to our website or you can ask anything about our services and limo prices as per your requirement. How Much Does A Cheap Limo Service Near Me Cost For 5 Hours? How Much Does A Limo Cost For 8 Hours? How Much Is A Limo Per Hour? How Much Does A Limo Cost for A Wedding? How Much Does A Hummer Limo Cost?
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