Imperfect Is Also a Kind of Perfect
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Imperfect Is Also a Kind of Perfect

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I have a friend. He was single for nearly half of his life. Suddenly when he was fifty years old, he married. His bride is as the same age as him, although she was old, her charms still exist. But many friends whispered: “That woman used to be an actress and she has married two husbands but divorced, and now she is not famous, he is picking up the leftover goods.”

Do not know if these words reached my friend’s ears. One day, he went out with me, while driving, while laughing to say: “When I was young, I hope to drive Mercedes-Benz car, but I have no money that time and cannot afford it. Now I still cannot afford it, so I only bought a three hand car.”

He really drove the old Mercedes-Benz car. I looked around, said: “third-hand? It looks good. And it has enough horsepower.

“Yes!” He laughed, “What’s wrong with the old car? Just like my wife, she has married a person of Sichuan, and then a man in Shanghai before. Besides she was still in the entertainment for twenty years, she had experienced more large and small things. Now she is old, and receives true heart, without the previous squeamish and flashy features, but cooks delicious Sichuan and Shanghai cuisine. Moreover, she also know how to layout home. Tell the truth, she is really in the perfect time I have met.”

I said: “If people don’t say, I really cannot imagine she unexpectedly is the colorful star of that year.”

“Yeah” He patted the steering wheel, “In fact, I think myself, am I perfect? Am I not full of holes? And there have been many absurd memories. Because we have gone through these, we became mature now. We know what patience is and know what forbearance is, and is this not a perfect? This is a perfect!”

Imperfect is a kind of perfect too. Now we are old and rusty, with full of holes, and we need to see a doctor separated for a while to fix our broken body, why should we require our own people and things should be perfect without disadvantages? When you used to seeing broken, it also is the experience, is open-minded and mature, moreover, it is a kind of the state of life!

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