Importance Of A Pricelist Of In Demand Items
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Importance Of A Pricelist Of In Demand Items

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It is very important to have a handy pricelist to check out orders coming in. One must always have a pricelist ready, especially for commonly ordered items. Day to day operations would definitely be much lighter with a copy of such.

You would not have to spend so much time calculating or searching for files or perhaps asking supervisors and managers when it comes to pricing because you already have it in place. Customers will not lose trust if they realize that the prices are not set properly and the prices you quote seem to be inconsistent. While there is a formula for pricing as set by the management beforehand, the task of making a list, while not tedious, can be time-consuming. In addition, if you cannot focus on your computations, you are bound to make mistakes. If you wait to be really relaxed and composed in making quotations then you will not be able to run after all your clients. Now, if you happen to be a Dallas printer or a commercial printer in any other area, you do not need to have a price list for everything as there are just jobs that are too specialized. However, you can make a pricing guide for common orders that you get. If ever the requirements of the clients cannot be met, then such will be the only time that sales reps will have to go back to their calculators. With the pricing already listed, the sales people should have a little leeway to give discounts to clients just so they could close a deal. However, you have to make them understand that the discount they will give will come from their commissions already because the prices there are standard for all of them.

Here are several items that are commonly ordered by clients of a commercial printing company:

1. Receipts and invoices - Your price guide for this will include different sizes and number of copies per sheet and if the paper is carbonized or not.

2. Tri-fold Brochures in the size of a short bond paper

3. Flyers - most come in the size of a ¼, ½, and 1/3 of a bond paper with one side printing in full color.

4. Posters can come in different sizes but mostly in two kinds of papers only—the thin glossy paper or the thick board. Moreover, of course, printing is only for one side. It is usually in color but it would be good to provide costing for 1-color, two colors, and even three colors.

5. Calling cards - This is perhaps another of the more well requested jobs at the printer. It has the same size always and uses the same white paper (unless specified by the client). Therefore, you can have quotations for these anytime per hundred pieces.

6. Magazines, newsletters and tabloids - these printed materials usually have the same format and materials.

It is highly essential to know which materials are being requested more often than the others are. Keeping a handy pricelist for all items, especially of commonly ordered ones is also as crucial. So commercial printers can really make quotations beforehand based on the number of pages. You will really benefit because of these prepared pricing guides.

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