Importance of a Quality WINTER Training
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Importance of a Quality WINTER Training

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It was a famous saying where 4 engineering minds sit together some new postulates and idea germinates during their gossips.Even nowadays we find huddles in the college campuses and gossips among the engineering students but these days the topic for discussion have been swapped from java black book to face book.From
innovation to copy-paste.

The question is why one joins an Engineering Studies as a career?

W e should introspect our inner self for answer, in quest to get a lucrative job – Engineering seems to be the shortest path with least pain. But the truth behind the luring and pompous IT world is very gloomy and frustrating in reality.

Every year IT giants recruits freshers from well to do colleges in bulk. Once the student joins the company. This transition from a student to a professional brings many phenomenal changes at the root level. Hectic training sessions, regular tests and firing out the under performer, make those days as the unforgettable days of one’s life.

A survey reveals that after joining, within 2-3 years, 40-45 % IT professionals look out for a job change,vigorously. It is merely because they had not done enough fact finding and analysis before deciding the goal of their career. Lack of domain knowledge leads to fear and which in turn generates further dislike for the job. It’s a vicious circle. During Corporate Meets , most of the HR’s at work emphasizes the fact that they recruit only those fresher who have clarity in basics and good at atleast one technology.They hire smart learners .

The terms summer training /winter training are not new to the ears, but CETPA is one of the pioneers of these professional grooming Organizations. These training were coined to cater the requirements of the industries by providing them a trained fresher. A well groomed trainee is a demand of the IT Sector; it reduces the cost and effort of the industry.

Today is a totally different ball game , the scenario have changed , the current generation has a race to reach the top , they are amalgamated in the thirst for power and money , forget about depth knowledge , they have no idea,Where to go for training and are easily fooled by mushrooming training proving institutes. On the name of training they are given readymade spoon-fed matter.Employers only entertain those who have completed training in ISO Certified Institutions. That’s the reason why Universities are bound to make the trainings compulsorily by such Private Limited Companies only.

The short but productive season of the year “winter” brings along a much coveted moment to make judicious use of the time , especially for those who could not make much use of summer vacations .Much can be done in these little shreds and patches of time in this WINTER, and which most people throw away. Lose not yourself in a far off time waiting for SUMMER TRAINING, seize the moment that is in front, and join short but substantial WINTER TRAINING at CETPA.

The legendary Ratan Tata have rightly quoted “I don’t believe in taking right decisions , I take decisions and make them right “So , always believe in your ability and be quick in taking your decisions .

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