Importance Of Testing Your Teen For Alcohol Or Substance Abuse
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Importance Of Testing Your Teen For Alcohol Or Substance Abuse

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Parents generally don’t suspect alcohol or substance abuse in their teens until they find something suspicious about their behavior or until their kid is involved in some issue like getting arrested, accident, an overdose, or some trouble in school/college. This kind of delayed realization of their teens’ bad habits is not wise on part of the parents.

Continuous monitoring and timely intervention to detect alcohol or substance abuse in kids using drug or alcohol tests is very important to save them from future negative consequences. This article provides you with reasons for testing your teen for alcohol or substance abuse.

Teens are more prone to risk-taking: Every person goes through the crucial period of adolescence. It is a transition period where teens experience emotional and mental conflicts. Physical and mental changes occur during this age and make them feel insecure. Many teens get addicted to these harmful substances because of the peer pressure. To match with their drug or alcohol abusing friends, they take up drugs or alcohol.

They are influenced by many other things like ads, films and other media which showcase this behavior of abusing drugs as glamorous and relaxing. This raises the desire in them to experiment and experience new things which can lead to dangerous consequences.

Alcohol or drugs are generally introduced in this period: Many studies have shown that significant number of people first try alcohol or other substances like marijuana during their teenage. Reasons include peer pressure, child abuse, lack of parental supervision, family problems, and so on. Teens are not matured enough to visualize the consequences they are going to face in the future due to these habits and hence they tend to experiment with dangerous substances for the sake of temporary pleasures.

Initiation of substance abuse in teenage develops dependence: Substance abuse during teenage leads to dependence, which continues in their later stages of life. Substance or alcohol abuse during teenage encourages them to move on to more dangerous drugs in future, which can cause significant harm. As the body is still in the developing stage, the toxins present in the drugs effect their growth and also cause severe health problems in the later stages.

Impacts their health, career and social respect: Drinking alcohol or abusing drugs during teenage results in both health and behavioral complications. Depending on the amount of substance they abuse, they become inactive and fall ill quite often. They perform poorly in academics too. Moreover, today many employers are conducting drug tests on the job applicants and employees - drug abusing teens have high chances of losing the job and destroying their career. They also fail to get respect both from their family and the society due to their violent and aggressive behavior.

Involvement in crime and accidents: Besides health complications, drug and alcohol users have an increased tendency towards risky and violent behaviors because of impaired judgment. In situations when they don’t have money to finance their drugs they don’t hesitate to do thefts, shoplifting and commit crimes. This may land them in legal troubles. Moreover, driving under the drug influence is proved to be the major reason in teen motor vehicle crashes and deaths due to accidents.

It is the duty of the parents to protect their child from any kind of mishaps. It is necessary for them to be aware of the drug testing methods or kits, which can be used for early detection of these unhealthy habits.

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