Improve the Stability of the Dental Bridges with the Implant-Supported Bridges
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Improve the Stability of the Dental Bridges with the Implant-Supported Bridges

Published by: Paulo Pinho (10)
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A survey reveals that the global market for dental implants has increased due to the rising demand in cosmetic dentistry. The dental implants are the best solution for your missing or damaged teeth. They maintain your oral health too. The affordable cost of dental implant is another reason for their demand in the cosmetic dentistry. These days due to the availability of the modern and highly specialised equipment, more researches are being done to make the dental implants more effective. And one among the recent advancement in the dental implantology is the implant-supported bridges. You might be aware of the conventional dental bridges that depend on the adjacent teeth for support, while the hybrid technology, the implant-supported dental bridges, doesn’t rely on the neighbouring teeth. This article gives you an overall idea about the implant-supported dental bridges. Why Implant-Supported Dental Bridges? Generally, the traditional bridges fill the space left by missing teeth and are held in place by crowns attached to the surrounding teeth, while an implant-supported bridge is similar to a regular dental bridge, with the difference that the dental implants support it. In an implant-supported bridge, implants are placed in the jawbone for each missing tooth followed by placing the crowns connecting the implants to form a single piece. The implant-supported bridges retain your chewing ability. They promote your aesthetic smile. The dental implants supported bridges also contribute to preserve the integrity of your jaw bone at the implant’s site. Benefits of Implant-Supported Bridges - Boosts Self-Confidence – You no longer have to be self-conscious about your missing tooth, and you can socialise with others without any hesitation. - Supports Oral Health – This method prevents complications that arise after a tooth loss. - Long-Lasting – Implant bridges are durable than traditional bridges. - Aids Proper Dental Function – Dental functions like chewing, smiling are restored. What Conditions Require The Implant-Supported Dental Bridges? The implant-supported dental implants are apt for replacing a missing tooth. For the people with dental conditions like clenching or grinding your teeth suffers a lot of pressure on individual implants. This makes the implants to loosen from the bone leading to implant failure. While, an implant-supported bridge reduces the stress on the individual implants in the bone, and spreads it across the entire bridge. Also, in dental implant bridges, the implants hold the bridges firmly, unlike the traditional bridges. During the procedure, first, the dental implants are placed, following that the bridges are positioned. Thus an implant-supported dental bridge can provide optimal comfort and security.
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