Inflamed Gums Top Causes & How You Can Treat Them
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Inflamed Gums Top Causes & How You Can Treat Them

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Most people will suffer from inflamed gums  at some point during their life. The cause of inflamed gums can range widely, depending upon personal habits, oral hygiene, allergies and food intake or smoking and drinking. When you are suffering from inflamed gums, they can be very tender to the touch, extremely sensitive and they may cause discomfort when eating or drinking food, too.

See Your Dentist if Inflamed Gums Persist It’s important that you see your dentist if inflamed gums are persistent, as this could be the signs of something far more serious, like infected gums or gum disease. Often, inflamed gums are not related to gum disease and are merely the reaction of the gums to something that caused them to become irritated.

But in some cases they can be easily confused with swollen or infected gums, which are both signs of gum disease or even advanced periodontal disease. It’s always better to err on the side of safety, and if you are unsure why you have inflamed gums, or they are chronically inflamed, make sure to see your dentist as soon as possible just to be certain that it is not something more serious that requires dental attention.

Inflamed Gums: Top Causes Wondering what the top causes of inflamed gums are? They can actually be due to many different things. Sometimes people have gums that are allergic to certain foods. When the gums are allergic, they will react to those allergens by becoming inflamed gums. The gums are very delicate, and they can easily become inflamed, so that is important to keep in mind and to know that hot foods or cold beverages can actually also contribute to inflamed gums.

Spicy foods and alcohol both can cause inflamed gums, and the gums can remain inflamed for several days until the inflammation subsides. Using chewing tobacco or smoking tobacco products can cause inflamed gums, because you are dousing your gums in thousands of harmful and highly toxic chemicals, and they most often will react. Sometimes inflamed gums may just be signs that you burned your gums by eating food that was too hot.

Simple Treatments for Inflamed Gums/painfull gums You may be having an allergic reaction to food; identify what foods you ate so you can avoid them in the future Sometimes spices can cause inflamed gums, an antacid can help to reduce this if such is the case Over the counter numbing agents and gels can reduce discomfort from inflamed gums You can rub a few drops of pure vanilla extract on the inflamed gums to reduce swelling and relieve pain Peppermint oil, spearmint oil and almond oil are all great natural methods of finding relief from inflamed gums

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