Interior Design in a modern kitchen
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Interior Design in a modern kitchen

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Normally one thinks that modern kitchen is a special kitchen. The fact is they are built in modern times and share qualities that reflect modern ways of living. Now a days still people think that cooking is a private affair where one cooks alone and would not like disturbance but actually it is not that, every one would like to have company while cooking, The cook would like to talk to her  guest while preparing an informal meal or want children to join her in the kitchen. Actually the cook would enjoy this freedom without sacrificing the efficiency. Hence openness would be the key quality required while designing the kitchen. The open kitchen represents a fresh view point in kitchen planning. It has evolved to fill the needs of today’s family that go without having full time maids, today’s working family who would like to live and entertain in informal ways.

Do you require open kitchen? Well first step in planning a new or redecorating kitchen is an evaluation of family habits and living style. Do you have frequent guests coming at your place? How formal or informal? Do the kids need a place to entertain their friends?

Next step is planning calls for self evaluation by the cook. Does she work with domestic help, does her husband or kid help or she prefers to work by her self? Does the cook like to cook or she must? If family habits and requirement make an informal way of living acceptable and if the cook herself likes company while she works, open kitchen would be a proper answer.

So if you have decided to have open kitchen do not worry as today’s open kitchen do not ignore the necessary elements of good kitchen planning. On the contrary they go a step further, they add livability. In few cases there could be loss of some storage space as big opening means less of overhead storage; this can be compensated by proper planning of shelves and storage boxes. Care is to be taken not to waste any volume in the storage units. Space between two shelves should be exactly the size of the storage boxes not leaving empty volume between the boxes and the upper shelf.

B.R Gandhi’s company website has shared loads of bedroom interior design collections.There could be three types of open kitchen. One kitchen around the corner if the living room is of the shape where kitchen can be open in one corner and just overlooking the dinning area and hidden from the guest which is the living area i.e. sitting room. 

            The second design could be kitchen at the center of the room thus dividing the same into two areas one sitting and other dinning. This kitchen would be the right choice for cook who wants company and love conversation while she works.

            The third could be like family kitchen with dining area in the center of the cooking area. This solution would fit the cook who likes company and does not mind having her guest see the kitchen in any shape. Does open kitchen cost more? No, normally open kitchen are less costly as the area for tiling reduces considerably plus energy saving is quite a bit and also it might give you an extra room i.e. the actual original kitchen for some other use.

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