Introduction of Charging Approach of Rotary Cement Kiln
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Introduction of Charging Approach of Rotary Cement Kiln

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Known because the rotary calciner and defined because the classification of developing substance facility, rotary kilns fall into 3 different types based on a variety of ways used inside the remedy of material, that are rotary cement kiln, rotary kiln of metallurgy and the chemical, and lime rotary kiln.

Rotary kilns is most employed while in the cement market concerning its broad software. Therefore the complete processing strategy might be summarized as “grinding two occasions and one-time sintering“, of which the “one-time sintering“ refers to the whole process of sintering the uncooked meal that is certainly grinded into clinker beneath large temperature in rotary kilns. Then the charging method of rotary cement kiln might be summarized as follows:

1. Notify the inspectors on site to complete the following methods including stopping the rotary kiln from slow rotating, using off inching drive clutch, environment the rotary kilns at amongst 0.4 and 0.5 rpm, and starting the kiln primary generate;

2. Shut the baffle with the entrance of high-temperature draught fan and set the speed at two hundred rpm, and start the kiln major drive. When draught supporter operates efficiently for a while, one particular ought to gradually open up the baffle in the entrance and adjust the rotating speed of draught fan on the foundation with the outlet stress of preheating device. What is more, the rotating speed of draught supporter will likely be held at a degree of about 450 rpm and also the outlet adverse stress of preheating machine may possibly be managed underneath 1200 pa.

3. Begin the draught followers of remaining chambers from the cooler by judging the air strain of head cover of cement kiln;

4. The main charging for rotary kilns is to be 100 t/h;

5. Because the air pace, the degree of content and that of coal could substantially fluctuate, it truly is necessary to get people inspectors on website to operate the flap valves of various amounts to be sure that there’ll be a clean process of charging.

6. Allow staff managing the technique of raw material change the opening of fan baffle at the entrance of electrical dust collector to be sure that the outlet unfavorable stress of main draught admirer of rotary kiln will probably be remained at about -300 to -300 pa, and which the humidification tower will spray drinking water when the outlet temperature of major draught supporter of rotary kiln reaches 200??±10??;

7. Slowly improve the grate velocity as well as the air flow of grate cooler after putting into the clinker. It’s the right time to heat up the air temperature for two or three times. Then stabilize the unfavorable stress of head cover of rotary kiln and prevent the situation from snowballing.

8. Ask the personnel on site to stop operating diesel pump and withdraw oil gun after the charging is in stable condition.

All these steps are draw from the experience of senior technicians and it can be fairly important for rotary kilns for being of quality, meaning that it can be capable of mass production of either cement or lime with well cost performance.

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