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Investment Opportunities in Mumbai Thane India

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Real Estate sector is considered as a great employment generator after agriculture and second largest contributor to India’s GDP. Money invested in real estate offers both a regular return on investment as well as a possibility of capital appreciation.

Government of India has promised 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the real estate sector, setting up real estate mutual funds coupled with other fiscal reforms like rationalization of stamp duty, property taxes etc. This will certainly paved the way for larger investment opportunities in real estate sector in India especially in cities like Mumbai and Thane where building construction is taking place on a massive scale.

We see these days a lot of developers coming up with excellent architectural skills andinnovative ideas. The prominent real estate developers among them are Lodha Builders, Kalpataru, Vijay Group, Suyog Infrastructure and many more. Vijay Group, a brand name in the real estate industry offering good quality, excellent service, price and superior value and good will. Today, Vijay Group stands as a leading business group and a trusted name in construction industry. Besides this the timely completion of projects has made eligible them to get quick approval from the leading financial institutions of India.

Vijay Group started 20 years ago has earned an exceptional market reputation. Utmost commitment to buyers and customer satisfaction is key concern of Vijay Group. Motto of Vijay Group is “Value based on Trust“. For more information on Vijay Group you may please visit  Vijay Group website 

Experience the best possible home building and home buying experience with Vijay Group the leaders in construction business. For more information please visit Vijay Group website.

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