Iron Doors At A Glance
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Iron Doors At A Glance

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Although wood is considered as the best option for exterior doors but the durability and features of iron doors are a step advance to wooden doors. An iron door has enormous strength to provide excellent security to homes and commercial areas. They come in all sizes and exquisite styles for a perfect addition in aesthetic appeal of homes and buildings. Iron doors are of many types but the most popular types are wrought iron doors and cast iron doors.Most often home owners prefer wrought iron doors to cast iron doors because of the high security they provide. But for architectural styling and strength required for main entrance in houses and commercial areas cast iron doors are highly efficient and are preferred choice. The demand of cast iron door hardware is also very high. Fancy door knobs, hinges, decorative doorstops have high demands.Weight is an important factor while iron door selection. The columns or walls to which iron doors will be fitted should be strong to hold any extra pressure. Door hinges should be strong enough to provide movement and rotation.

Iron doors are usually heavier than wooden or any other door but wrought iron doors can be a light weight alternative to provide strength, durability as well as beauty.Wrought iron doors have intricate carvings and stylized designs which provide a see through space, so wrought iron doors provide minimum privacy. But if the purpose is not privacy, wrought iron doors are best protectors of any home. Iron doors provide maximum security not provided by any other type of material.Another important feature of iron doors is that they are environment friendly and are great energy savers. Their thickness and insulation covering prevent air to get through them. This quality saves the internal home cooling and heating systems to work less harder allowing balanced temperatures for a longer time. Iron doors can provide less energy consumption and are thereby more effective to use inside the houses.

An iron doors can be easily customized to meet the needs to home owners. The designs can be easily changed and any design can be made exclusive to an individual’s appeal. Exclusive designs provide less repetition of designs like in wooden or glass doors; hence maintain individuality of appearance of every home. Iron doors are life time investments because of their durability. Both for exterior and interior use, iron doors last much longer than wooden or glass doors.A slight drawback of iron doors is that they are susceptible to rust and corrosion. In humid areas, rain can weather iron doors. But if coated with protective lucrative, chances of corroding will diminish to minimum. Another method of protection of iron gates from corrosion is to sand blast and then coat with paint. But for a rustic natural iron look, any lucrative material should be coated and a rust remover should be used. For an impenetrable security, life time assistance andbeautiful appearance, iron doors are preferred worldwide by residential and commercial builders.

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