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Is Dth services better than cable TV

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Direct- To-Home Television is the full form of Dth. Dth mainly works in receiving the satellite programmes with the use of a personal dish in a house. Dth services works well without a local cable operator, and gets the broadcaster in direct touch with the consumer. This is not the case with the cable TV, since this is received by the local cable operator and then transmitted to every home. Dth services in India are widely being accepted in various parts of the country, we will look into the details in the following section.

Nobody could disagree with the statement that, “Dth services is better than cable TV”, because truly it offers better quality picture. The reason for this is that cable TV in India is usually analog, whereas the Dth offers stereophonic sound effects. It can also reach to remote areas where cable TV and terrestrial transmission failed to penetrate. Also, you have got the interactive TV services in Dth services. This includes the internet access, movie-on-demand, email and video conferencing. The Dth network includes the broadcasting center, encorders, satellites, multiplexers, Dth receivers and modulators.

Dth is an encrypted transmission which travels to the receiver at the other end directly with the help of the satellite. The transmitted signal is then received by the consumer at the other end with a small dish antenna. The set-up box unlike the other cable TV connection, decodes the encrypted signal. This way the broadcaster is directly connected to the user, whereas this is not the case when you use a cable TV connection from the local cable guy. Moreover, the Dth is capable of scanning up to 700 channels at least which is not possible with cable TV. The good thing is that you just need one connection to view the channels in one or more TV’s at the same premises. Again, this is not possible with cable connection. Dth services are nationwide, so if customer wants to move from one city to another, it is very easy.

Dth services in India is going to increase with the government new investment of over 300 crore on Dth services. Since, many consumers are already using this service; the government has planned to provide 10,000 dishes across eight states for free. You can make online payments directly to the service provider using the subscription id. Taking all this into consideration, cable TV lags behind Dth.

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