Is it Compulsory to Learn English as a Second Language?
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Is it Compulsory to Learn English as a Second Language?

Published by: Piyush Bhatia (20)
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In today’s times, there’s only one reason non-native English speaking countries want to learn the English Language. It is due to increased globalization and competition in competition. Since English as a language is being widely used in business communication today, this also used in casual conversation among people of different nationality. The World Wide Web or the internet is an example of place where English language is used. In fact, most of the websites of a non-native speaking country has English translation, not only to be understood by the internet community but also to market their businesses all over the world.

Under globalization and business competition, familiarity of the English language is one of the best advantages. Of course, having an interpreter is also good, but the interpreted words may lack the vital ingredient because you do not feel the emotion accompanied by these words being passed. Moreover, the interpreter, most of the time can’t and doesn’t cannot exactly interpret you because there are numerous words in your native tongue that don’t have similar and opposite translation in the English language.

Most of the English Learning Centers have found that non-native English Speakers have the following challenges:

English Grammar – An ability to frame grammatically correct sentences

English Fluency – Due to a habit of thinking in mother tongue, it takes a lot of time for a non-native English Speaker to communicate Fluently in English

Confidence – The status that English has takes away the confidence

Art of Speaking – Few are gifted with the art of communication, lack of that again adds up.

Today it is becoming necessary to learn English Speaking Fluently, in addition to the knowledge of Grammar, vocabulary, sentence framing, body language, public speaking, communication skills, effective presentations, group discussions, business English and Email drafting.

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