It needn't take long to track down a great price for sending any parcel
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It needn't take long to track down a great price for sending any parcel

Published by: A McKie (148)
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Every business and every individual will relish the prospect of saving some money, especially when it’s paying for what can be considered ’essential’ services.
That explains why there has been a huge growth over recent years in the number of websites and independent companies offering people the chance to save money on their utility bills. And let’s face it, when these are as unpredictable as they have been in recent years, those possible savings can make a big difference to a family’s financial health.
One big consequence of the proliferation of these comparison websites is that most of us have been made aware that it’s possible to make savings on a massive range of the products and services which we need every day.
Some of these, though, are less obvious than others. Lots of people might take it for granted that there is only one service available through which they can send mail and parcels, for example. But the truth is that there is a choice, and in most instances, savings can be made too.
Many people have got themselves into the habit of shopping around for the best deal on many things they buy and use, and the same is applying to a growing number of people and businesses which are taking a little trouble to investigate the possibilities of saving money on their postage costs.
The words ’a little trouble’ are the relevant ones here. That’s because most of the hard work and negotiation has already been done by a third party. These are the delivery services agents which are the new players on the scene.
Realising that delivery companies don’t like to operate their services at less than 100 per cent capacity, these concerns have stepped in to offer to buy excess capacity, where available, on these firms’ vehicles.
Because this capacity would ordinarily be left unused anyway, they have been able to buy it up at a nominal rate, meaning that it can be sold on to third parties, and these companies can still be viable.
A good idea is to think of researching what these companies have to offer as taking a small detour. As often proves the case, heading to their websites, instead of directly to that of the courier, can prove rewarding, and certainly the money saved more than justifies the time spent in doing so.
A big, multi-national delivery business simply can’t offer its best deals to everyone. But a parcel services broker, with its superior buying power, and close relationship with its courier partners, could well give individuals and smaller companies a little more muscle when they’re trying to keep down their postage costs.
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A little research can go a long way towards helping find a cheap UK courier, a move which can have a long-term effect on a business's postage costs.
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