It’s Never Too Late Even Older Adults Can Overcome Unhealthy Habits
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It’s Never Too Late Even Older Adults Can Overcome Unhealthy Habits

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One needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle to lead a happy and peaceful life. However, many unhealthy habits creep into our lives due to one or the other reasons. Alcohol or substance abuse is one such unhealthy habit that is common in older adults.

Alcohol and substance abuse habits have profound implications on the health and well-being of older adults. The intention of this article is to make older adults understand that it is never too late to overcome unhealthy habits.

Unhealthy habits like substance abuse are very dangerous
Substance abuse increases the risk of damage to vital organs like heart, brain and lungs. Substance abuse not only has a negative impact on the individual’s health but also poses serious threat to his financial and social status. Many older adults are destroying their lives by continuing to abuse alcohol or illicit drugs due to lack of awareness of the harmful effects.

Millions of adults are abusing illicit drugs – SAMHSA
When it comes to substance abuse, we often think that large numbers of teenagers are abusing drugs. But the fact is that millions of older adults too are abusing drugs today. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimated that there were around 4.3 million illicit drug abusing adults (50 years and above) in 2009.

Older adults are more vulnerable to adverse effects
Substance abuse gives rise to economic, social and health related problems, irrespective of the age of the person. However, age-related changes make older adults more vulnerable to adverse effects. Because of the changes that happen in the mind and body, the resistance power in older adults decreases making them more vulnerable to adverse effects of drug abuse. Drug or alcohol abuse is the common cause of physical and mental health problems among older adults.

Common misconceptions
There are many misconceptions about substance abuse among older adults that prevent them from getting rid of the habit. Some of the common misconceptions are:

  • Stopping at this age won’t help - damage is already done

Many substance abusing older adults assume that stopping unhealthy habits at their age will not help. They believe that the damage is already done as they are abusing drugs from many years. However, this is a wrong assumption. By staying away from harmful habits, older adults can not only prevent further damage, but also possibly recover from the damage.

  • Difficult to come out now

We will often hear older adults saying, “I have been abusing drugs for a long time and it is very difficult to avoid them now.“ They need to understand that a strong will-power, commitment and proper planning can help them overcome unhealthy habits.

Substance addiction is preventable
It is a misconception that prevention of substance abuse at an older age is impossible. Determination for leading a healthy life is enough to turn away from unhealthy habits. However, one needs to design and implement a proper plan to get rid of unhealthy habits. Expert and scientific counseling from professionals at rehabilitation centers can make it easier for the abusers to overcome the addiction. Further, encouragement from family and friends can motivate them to avoid indulging in substance abuse.

Enhance the daily routine - older adults should move to a better lifestyle
Establishing a routine or including in a current routine some activities that promote well-being can reduce the adverse effects of substance abuse in older adults. Such activities could help physical, spiritual or mental well-being. Healthy diet should be an essential part of their daily routine. Walking, bicycling, or practicing yoga can also be helpful. Though it is difficult to change an existing lifestyle at once, slowly but steadily adding good activities one at a time is far more easier to implement.

With proper awareness on issues associated with aging and substance abuse, and by practicing a healthy lifestyle, older adults can improve their health as well as their quality of life.

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