January is the perfect time to take a luxury hotel break somewhere hot
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January is the perfect time to take a luxury hotel break somewhere hot

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January can be a gloomy month in the year. The excitement of Christmas and the New Year festivities are over and the cold winter weather has really begun to set in. Many people believe that this makes it the best time of year to escape to somewhere hot and take a well-deserved break. Those of you who did have a few days off over Christmas will probably agree that time spent shopping, wrapping presents, cooking and visiting family (while all lovely) does not really count as a relaxing break away from it all.
Aside from the above reasons, January is a good time of year to plan a holiday because it is off-season in the UK. Many businesses are quiet so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the time off work, particularly if you work in the hospitality industry. For a budget trip away you will find some amazing offers on hotels and flights within Europe but if you can afford to go further afield then choose somewhere warm and sunny for the ultimate winter break.
While much of Europe’s holiday destinations are quiet at this time of year, it has reached the height of the holiday season for many countries in the Far East, including Thailand, India and Cambodia. This is because the winter months are relatively cool at this time of year (25-30 degrees Celsius) before a scorching April and May followed by the monsoon season. Other parts of the world, such as the Caribbean, Sri Lanka and South Africa, generally see perfect sunny weather for most of the year!
Flights are often the most expensive part of a holiday outside of Europe so it pays to spend time looking and book early if you can. There will also be extra things to consider like vaccinations and visas so it is worth planning ahead as these can take time to organise. When booking your flight sometimes it is better to purchase direct from the airline in order to get the best deal. This also means your credit card payment will be protected if there is any unexpected trouble with the airline. Most banks will not be able to offer cover if a third party is involved so this is well worth remembering, especially in the current economic climate.
Once you have your flights booked you will need to find somewhere to stay. Most countries outside of Europe have a much lower cost of living with cheap food and drink. For this reason you could splash out on a luxury hotel and it is likely you will get much more for your money than you would at home in the UK.
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