Japanese Government Plans to Admit 300,000 Overseas Students Every Year Before 2020
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Japanese Government Plans to Admit 300,000 Overseas Students Every Year Before 2020

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Liuze Haozhi is first-class secretary of Information and Culture Center of Japanese Embassy, Beijing. He revealed that the Japanese government plans to admit 300,000 overseas students every year before the year of 2020.

It is said that in order to provide one-stop studying abroad information services for overseas students, Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) has set up a website for students studying in Japan. The home page of the website is divided into three parts: before studying abroad, during studying abroad and after studying abroad. There is various and abundant information about supporting studying in Japan on the website. “Through this website, overseas students can acquaint themselves with various information about studying in Japan, for example, the procedures of studying in Japan and tips for choosing schools,” said Liuze Haozhi.

Then, what scholarships can overseas students studying in Japan achieve? Liuze Haozhi introduced that about 8% of overseas students studying in Japan obtain the scholarships from Japanese government at present. And the rate of overseas students sponsored by the country in Japan is definitely higher than that of other countries like Britain and America. In addition, about 64% self-funded students studying abroad can achieve scholarships supported by various social groups.

After the interview, Liuze Haozhi pointed out that people’s concern about the earthquakes in Japan was not necessary. “Many parents still worry about the influence of previous earthquakes. So to speak, the earthquakes have almost had no influence on overseas students now. I hope everyone can pay attention to information provided by relevant institutions in Japan and the suggestion of overseas students still in Japan. Thus you can know the real circumstances in Japan. On behalf of Japanese government, I welcome more excellent Chinese students to study in Japan.”

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