Jeweller making use of pop up shop in Birmingham
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Jeweller making use of pop up shop in Birmingham

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These days, a rising number of individuals and firms are making use of pop up shops complete with an appealing and often quirky retail design. One man who has been taking advantage of the this approach is jeweller Will Cutler.

According to a report in Professional Jeweller, the expert, who studied at Sheffield Hallam and Birmingham City universities and is the founder of blog F7 Jewellery, has set up a pop up store in Birmingham.

The temporary F7 Lux retail unit will remain in operation until the end of February and it is based in The Square, which is at the heart of Birmingham city centre and contains a range of shops, entertainment facilities and parking.

Mr Cutler’s pop up shop features products made by contemporary jewellery designers including Myia Bonner, Mabel Hasell, Jane Gowans and Milena Kovanovic and it is also hosting a travelling exhibition of work by students at the Birmingham Jewellery School.

In addition, it sells ceramics, textiles and art, all of which are produced by designer-makers.

Commenting on his temporary store, Mr Cutler remarked: “Opening out first pop-up has been a really exciting project. Nerves were high until we started filling up the shop with some amazing work. It all looks great.“

Pop up shops are popular among firms and entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. One of their attractions is the fact that they tend to generate a buzz and this additional interest among consumers can translate to increased sales.

Also, many organisations that operate predominantly online use these outlets, along with some eye-catching retail design, to establish a more direct relationship with the general public. Having a high street presence, even if only on a short-term basis, can drive traffic to their websites.

To make the process of creating these outlets easier and more successful, organisations frequently use professional agencies to help them design and create their pop up stores.

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